Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ahhhh, baby sweaters

People think I am a sucker for babies because I love to knit baby sweaters and make baby quilts. I just like them because they are quicker to make.
Ok, that isn't the complete truth. I am a sucker for babies.

One of my friends will soon become a grandmother again. The baby will be a first child (a daughter) for this son and daughter-in-law. I made this sweater and have another one planned that will be toddler sized.

The yarn is Oh My! by Plymouth Yarn and is ever so soft. I went to my favorite yarn shop, Indigo Rose in Sterling Heights, Michigan, to buy yarn for one sweater. I came home with yarn for three of them. This is the story of my life and explains why my sewing/craft room is bursting at the seams.

I have one more watercolor class in this series of classes. As much as I am enjoying them, I may skip the series that begins in September and resume after the first of the year. September is always a busy month and the holidays arrive earlier each year. Don't tell me it is an age thing....I know someone is playing with the calendar! Every year I have good intentions of being organized like my friend Peggy who starts Christmas projects in January. I really tried that this year. I made three ornaments before mid-February. The other nine sit neglected and are losing hope of being completed this year. My project priorities are forever shifting, but I do well against deadlines. For instance, I finished my watercolor homework for this Tuesday's class last night because I know the rest of the weekend is going to be busy. This painting is better than my worst, and worse than my best.

The girl's dress and hat have a black heart and a yellow checked heart appliqu├ęd on them, along with the flower and bee on her bodice. Even though the placement of her hand is accurate per the photograph we worked from in class, I think the black heart on her dress is confusing to the viewer. Her eyes were very dark, but I think the ones I painted look ominous. Maybe I'll try this one again with darker values throughout the painting or with lighter eyes. Or maybe I'll get going on those Christmas ornaments.


andrea said...

Oooohhhhh...I am a sucker for teeny baby clothes - makes me want to have another one...can I get it in blue, please? :)
The watercolor is beatiful - can't wait for your exhibit! I have the dates marked on my calender...

The Urban Chic said...

Knit that is an adorable little sweater and your watercoloring is always nice to see. Wish I could paint, but the best I can hope for is rubber stamping an image and water coloring it.
Thanks for asking if I needed some bubble wrap-lol. I think I need to cover from hips up. It hurts when I laugh and Laugh when it hurts. With that, I am off to bed with an ice pack. Love Ya, Pat