Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two paintings for the exhibit

Now that I've committed to entering the student exhibit next month, I am excited. Nerves will probably alternate with the good excitement, but today, just the good is flowing.

Titles and framed dimensions have to be turned in by Thursday so a trip to Michaels for frames was in order after today's class. This painting is called Waiting for Cake. The subject is the daughter of one of our nieces on her sixth birthday.

The next one is Sunflowers on Yupo. Yupo is a plastic painting surface. Using watercolors on it is very different than using them on watercolor paper. Plastic is not absorbent, so the paint puddles and runs in ways totally unlike what happens on paper.

I have something in mind for a third entry, but whether or not I can get my vision on paper remains to be seen. If I am not happy with this yet to be started picture, the native American woman will become my last entry. I'd like the third painting to be as different from each of these as possible.


andrea said...

beautiful! remember to keep me posted...i definitely want to attend the exhibit...maybe get an autograph or something so that when you become rich and famous i can say that i know you! :)

Nettie said...

Well, of course the Sunflowers one is my favourite...but they're all wonderful. Good luck with the exhibit.