Thursday, July 17, 2008

More hobbies than cents (or sense)

My life would be much more organized if I had only one or two hobbies, but that isn't the case and I couldn't make a choice if I had to give one up. I am proud of myself for avoiding new ones, such as clay, even though I know it would be fun.

Yesterday's watercolor is an homage to my various hobbies. I plan to do it again at a later date, either as an actual collage, or with a collage feel to it. For now, here is More hobbies than cents:

I've included paint brushes, tubes of paint, paper, an eraser to represent watercolor painting; Perle cotton, embroidery floss, thread, buttons, fabric, scissors and a pin cushion to represent sewing, embroidery and quilting; yarn, knitting needles and a crochet hook for knitting and crochet; beads and needle nose pliers for beading; crayons, markers, colored paper, glue, glitter paint, rubber stamps and a completed card for card making and scrapbooks; and a camera, novels and a computer mouse, all of them being self-explanatory.

That was really fun for me to do, probably because each item means something to me. I've noticed I have a harder time painting something that isn't really interesting to me. On one hand, it is good to try everything and learn in the process, but it is also true that life is too short to struggle with a subject that holds no interest. We each already have plenty of things we have to do, why should a hobby add to that list?

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