Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weary, dreary Wednesday

Be careful and specific in what you wish for. I wished for no more snow and have been heard so far, but I forgot to add "please bring lots of sunshine instead". Don't you think Mother Nature knows what I want by now?
Thank you for kind wishes after my last post. I had a root canal done yesterday, with more work needed to complete this in two weeks. I may have expected too much too soon. I felt much better after the work was done, but didn't expect to be in so much pain this morning. Prescription strength ibuprofen has kicked in and I will give it another day before calling the endodontist if the pain doesn't seem to be lessening by tomorrow.

I recently overheard two women, maybe ten years younger than I am, discussing what they had to do their hair (covering gray), what they had to purchase for their skin care (seemingly believing expensive was better than common drugstore brands), and what clothing they wouldn't be caught dead in.

While I firmly believe that everyone should do and wear what they feel is right for them, I was inwardly shaking my head at the mixed signal they were sending. They were very concerned with their appearance and trying to look youthful, but they forgot the least expensive and handiest beauty treatment in the world...a smile.

Do you care how old the women in this photo look? I don't. I love that they are smiling, laughing in fact. I'd rather sit with them than the glum women whose expressions aged them beyond their creams and fashion choices.

Onward and upward! With a smile on my face, an umbrella in hand and a pain pill in my pocket!

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Rudee said...

I swear I'm going to grow webbed feet soon if this gloom doesn't pass. I'm rather tired of being cold and wet.

I did, however, see some of bulbs pushing through the earth. I think they're tired of waiting!

I seem to hear the gray/dye conversation all of the time. I'm so glad I'm comfortable in my own skin--though I do admit to purchasing somewhat pricey face goo. I settled on the one that doesn't make me break out.

Off to immediately set all of my passwords to incorrect!