Monday, April 8, 2013

Meandering Monday

We finally stopped eating leftover Easter ham, mainly because I froze the remaining slices and the bone which will later be used for split pea soup. Or as a weapon. It was huge!

Here's a piece of unsolicited advice for you ladies: Don't schedule a physical three days after Easter if you are self conscious about your weight. The morning of my doctor's appointment, my rings didn't didn't fit right from retention. Ok, not all of that was fluid retention from the ham, some of it was Easter candy retention. And to clarify, my wedding rings always fit just fine. They never come off except to clean them but I do check them if my right hand seems pudgy. As we near 38 years of marriage, the indentation of my left ring finger is permanent, and I say that happily.

Migraine versus sinus headaches were discussed once again. Nothing is ever conclusive with me. Over all improvements in diet and activity were discussed. The very next morning plans for both were derailed by unexpected events. The following day after that was a family birthday party for an 8 year old. Surely Saturday would be a normal day again and meal plans and taking a walk would be possible.

 Please note that the mother and daughter are knitting!

So how did Saturday become more un-normal than usual? With the birth of a probable toothache. Why probable? Because nothing is ever conclusive with me. It might be that my sinuses are so irritated, the roots of my upper molars are hurting. With my luck, it is both a bad tooth AND sinus inflammation. I see the dentist tomorrow morning unless their tentative 1:30 appointment backs out. (please! please! please!)
I have no idea what tonight's dinner will be. I am supposed to be somewhere at 6:00 tonight but I may bail if my discomfort it too great. Hot and cold foods and drink weren't issues over the weekend, but either my patience is wearing down or the problem is getting bigger. Maybe I can take a pill for dinner.

A pill for meal. Some days I think this would be perfect. No temptation with over indulging. Low cal, low fat, low carb, low taste would all be the same in a time released capsule. And let's not forget how clean the kitchen would be all day long!

Is your dear husband and family like mine? Ask for a suggestion as to what to make for dinner in the morning and they don't know. Ask after lunch and they're too full to think about dinner. At 5:00 when they ask what you're fixing, do you want to say "reservations"?
I am off (some might say way off) to find the meaning of life, or at least some pain relief until I can see the dentist. I've taken prescription quality ibuprofen and am going to knit while the dryer, which really is set on normal, finishes the load of towels.


Chatty Crone said...

I hope your toothache gets better - fast! sandie

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that little "Normal" cartoon! But it makes me feel bad that you're having the headaches and toothache. For the headaches, have you had a CT scan? I know they have those specifically for sinus problems.

As far as water retention, I never thought to freeze the ham...we had sandwiches and ham and bean soup for days (along with the other high carb leftovers!). Okay, now I have something to blame for the tight fitting jeans. BTW, I can't even wear my wedding ring anymore! :(


michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon.