Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fun

Let's start with some unusual definitions:

Next, we have two things that are true of me, one just sort-of:

In case you are wondering, the first one is true, the second didn't happen to me in Target but often happened at Kroger when managers wore red jackets. I had a red blazer that I often wore to work with black or navy slacks or skirt and a white top. I often stopped at Kroger on my lunch hour or on my way home and inevitably a shopper would ask me where to find something or wanted to register a complaint.

Here are some grandma moments from this week. Hubby and I were at Colton's house (that place that his parents pay for but I think of as his  ) so that hubby could help our son with an inground flagpole installation. Colton was playing with his Little Tyke shopping cart that looks like this:
When we went in the front yard to stroll the sidewalk, he patted the "child seat" part of the cart and said "C'mon Gigi, sit".  Bless his lack of girth perception!  Yesterday he was here, playing in the play house and wanted me to join him. I cannot sit up in there as it is card table high. I was on the floor with just my head and shoulders inside, but he wanted all of me in there, feet too. I was laughing at his earnestness. He decided to help by pulling on my head! I think it is time to elevate the legs of the table with bed risers and add a gray felt foundation to the house! 

My son, also known as Colton's daddy, is a huge fan of the Detroit Lions. We don't know why, but he did fall on his head once as a child. Because he doesn't want to be alone in his fandom, he is raising Colton to be a Lions fan too. Colton certainly has the build for it. Yesterday was the NFL draft. This is how he was dressed:
I hope everyone has a happy weekend, or whatever the day might be that you are reading this. If you are a Gigi, Mimi, Grammy or whatever beloved name your grandchild or grandchildren call you, you may enjoy these too:
My son could loan me the shoulder pads!

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