Saturday, April 13, 2013

Grappling with graupel

I am in favor of using polite, political correct terms to avoid hurting anyone and everyone's feelings. Inanimate objects do not have feelings, so thank you Mr Meteorologist, but I don't care if that was graupel or neve on my car when I walked out of the store this morning. I went early to avoid the rain you said was coming later today. For those who are accustomed to my ranting writing, you know that I don't swear often. Today will be an exception. It is the middle of April for goodness sake! I don't care whether you call it graupel, neve or sleet, it is shit falling from the sky and it must stop!

Graupel (German pronounciation: ['gʁaʊpɛl], also called soft hail or snow pellets)[1] refers to precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm (0.079–0.197 in) ball of rime. Strictly speaking, graupel is not the same as hail or ice pellets.

Névé (pron.: /nˈv/) is a young, granular type of snow which has been partially melted, refrozen and compacted, yet precedes the form of ice.

Definitions from Wikipedia, photo from Facebook
Why do I live where Mother Nature throws this stuff at us? Because no place is perfect. I have friends who spend part of their year indoors to escape excessive heat and humidity. I had relatives who routinely prepared their homes for hurricanes. Avalanches? You wouldn't willingly find me where they might occur. My part of Michigan isn't completely free from the threat of tornadoes, but don't have them as frequently as some parts of the USA.

What does keep us in areas where weather isn't playing nice? Airline regulations! Oh wait, that isn't it, that is part of a different rant best saved for another day. What keeps us where we are? Work. Our homes. Friends. Most of all, family.

When I win the bajillion dollar jackpot and buy a tropical island, my own jet and an infallible internet service provider, I will move all of my loved ones to paradise with me. Those who don't go willingly can kick and scream all they want, but as their superior matriarch, they will go and have a good time. We will nevah grapple with graupel again.

Until then, I remain Nanook Knitty.
That's one heck of a knitting needle, isn't it? Knitters will recognize this as the throwing yarn rather than picking technique. Do these pants make my butt look big?


thisisme said...

I wouldn't dream of commenting in your butt!!
I'm sat here also cursing the weather. It's the second week of April and its cold and we have heavy rain with strong winds ! To add insult to injury, it's my birthday today !! Will Spring never arrive?! :(

Blondie's Journal said...

I never heard of these fancy terms for sleet, but I hear your rant. We've had rain for the past week and today, snow flurries. And cold! But yes, it's family that makes us stay put. I miss them even when I'm on my vacations. I'd love to live on Martha's Vineyard, even thought the weather and climate is similar, it's the romance and seclusion of it all. And I have to admit, I don't mind our winters when I'm cozy and snug inside.

Love your new blog look!


Chatty Crone said...

A lot of people got it - lucky for us - we didn't - lol. sandie

Rudee said...

I would never in a million years take on that last question. Especially if I want to go to your tropical island with you. You won't get a fight out of me!

Nice needle and throwing technique.

michelle said...

I feel your pain and no, your butt doesn't look big. :D