Monday, April 22, 2013

43 years ago????

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day. The first official observance was 43 years ago. I am in shock.

I am not as kind to the earth as I should be. My advanced biology teacher would be terribly disappointed in me, and trust me, she was a formidable woman that you didn't want to disappoint. I was a high school senior when I took her class. She taught me much more than biology, although I didn't realize it at the time. She took our class to the first observance of Earth Day at Wayne State University in downtown Detroit. I remember bits and pieces of that day, but not all the memories were scholastic or activist oriented. 

My shock isn't that Earth Day has been celebrated for 43 years, it is that I hadn't thought about the fact that come June 11th, I will have been a high school graduate for 43 years. My, my, how time has flown.

At times in my life these past 43 years, I have berated myself for what I am not. I've already said that I am not as green as I could be. I know people who fight for many causes that I casually support but don't feel like mounting a white horse and charging into battle. There have been times I felt guilty about that, but it is just not me.

Somewhere along the past 43 years I've learned that no one can be or do everything, and that is ok. My name isn't going to be found in any record book 100 years from now, but I haven't been looking for fame in this life so having it after I leave this earth isn't important to me.

What am I doing in my lifetime that is important? I love. I laugh. I try to show kindness to everyone. I try to understand more and judge less. That certainly isn't bad.

Creativity is good. Creativity and humor is really good. I like this kid's thinking (but I do eat my veggies)!



michelle said...

I'm with you on the causes. I also sometimes feel guilty.

For me it'll be 40 years May 31, 2014. Yep, how time flies.

Blondie's Journal said...

I feel the guilt you feel, Knitty. I began recycling like crazy over 20 years ago after attending an Earth Day picnic. That fell to the wayside after having leaking, sticky pop cans on my landing. When I go to the grocery store I kick myself for not bringing my own bags, but I can barely remember a list. But I do believe that one of the points of Earth Day is to remind us to do our part.

35 years for me. I hadn't even calculated that until you brought it up!!!