Monday, March 25, 2013

Piccadilly scarf

Last Friday I traveled to Mary Maxim's with more of a need to get out and about than a need for anything within the store. That didn't stop me from spending though. I did my bit to stimulate the economy. You are all very welcome for my contribution. 

One of the items I shopped for was a particular brand of yarn which I did purchase but haven't played with yet. There were numerous items not on my list that came home with me, but none as surprising as this:

This isn't yarn, nor is it ribbon. It is a 100% polyester fabric strip with evenly spaced holes along one side that can be used in knitting or crochet. If I hadn't seen a sample scarf in the store, I may not have even noticed these odd bundles among the traditional yarn skeins.

This was done in one evening. The technique is the same as working with what is generically called "ruffle" yarn, but it does even faster because the yarn requires a little manipulation of the fibers (spreading them open) to see where you will insert the needle or hook.
The color choices are limited to five, and while this look won't appeal to everyone, I have worn it out to two different locations and been stopped, complimented and questioned about it. An internet search for this product may show you a little girl's done with this and a traditional yarn on the Ravelry site.

The pattern is available as a free download, sized for 0-3 months, 3-6; 6-9; and 9-12 months. The design in this fabric is a different pattern and is marketed as Covent Garden. Both fabrics are by Estelle, called Frill Seeker Fantasy Fabrics.


Rudee said...

Very clever yarn--I wish I looked good in all of those ruffles. I love that dress.

thisisme said...

Hi Knitty. Clever old you. I loved that ruffle effect scarf that you made, and I'm sure you looked really good in it.

michelle said...

What a great looking scarf. I love the little dress too. I wonder if they sell that at JoAnn's.

Sewconsult said...

Love this scarf! I will have to show my daughter who loves to knit.