Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Knitted pillow in the works

Knit, knit, knit,, rip, rip.

Such is the life of a knitter who sometimes talks too much or pays too much attention to TV while knitting.

I am currently working on a knitted pillow, the free pattern is available here from Sarah Gasson at Knitables. The pattern is not difficult but you need to keep track of your rows. I did that.  Unfortunately, at one point I didn't pay attention to row 5 having a different cable than row row 13. Patterns rows 3-18 repeat throughout the pillow, a 16 row repeat. I was 12 rows past my mistake in the middle of the pillow when I saw what I had done wrong. Undoing knitting is humbling.

Here is the front, or maybe the back since they are the same.
The yarn is Aimee by Laura Harding. It is 90% cotton, 10% cashmere.

The red pillow in this photo is close to the size of the pillow form I will use. The length of the knitted pillow will only be stretched a little, the width will block to the correct width and the pattern will appear a little flatter.

I will start the back tonight. Don't hold your breath waiting for a finished pillow. I have spring fever despite the 20-something degree temperature and have been flitting from project to project.

Anyone with excessively warm weather right now is encouraged to send it north. Sometimes there is a spike in population 9 months after very cold weather.  By mid march that is no longer the case. Crabby, housebound people are less likely to canoodle and more likely to kabong.

Don't remember what or who kabong is? Here is Quick Draw McGraw's alter-ego, El-Kabong.
If Mother Nature doesn't adjust the thermostat here in Michigan soon, I am getting a guitar with her name on it, right after I knit a cute cape and mask.


Rudee said...

The pillow is going to be beautiful.

Did you mention spring? Where?

SkippyMom said...

I got the 'ka-bong' the minute you said it and laughed like heck! Wonderful.

And you know you have a standing invitation, along with Colenic, to visit anytime the snow/cold gets to you. Just check first, as we had snow Monday and now we need to mow the back lawn because it grew so fast in the ensuing days I lost the dog tonight.

Love the pillow. Am I mistaken or would that also make an awesome sweater? And the cotton/cashmere content of that yarn is SWOONworthy. YUM.

Enjoy. And I really, really, really want to see you knit a mask. hee

xo Skippy

michelle said...

Very pretty. That would make a nice sweater pattern too.