Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food themed bracelet fun

My inner child is an island girl who was kidnapped and brought to live in Michigan. Don't misunderstand me, I love my home and can't imagine living anywhere else, but Michigan's weather is all wrong this time of year. It is supposed to be warm. Tropical even. We are a peninsula surrounded by water, right?

Until Mother Nature rectifies this, I spend this time of year looking for ways to brighten spirits. The Busy Book was an involved project and the knitting on my needles is a somewhat involved pattern that I like but is progressing slowly. I needed something yesterday that would be completed in one sitting. What should I do?

Aha! On one of the trips to Joann's for Busy Book supplies I bought cards of beads on clearance. It was time to make bracelets! I'm sure these aren't appealing to everyone but I like color and I like whimsy...that inner child thing again.

Here is one about sea life. Sea horses and starfish aren't found in the water near me, but they could be once Michigan becomes tropical. I'm not holding my breath, but I do remain hopeful.
Despite my aversion to snow being on the ground, on top of houses and especially on top of car (my car! ), I think snowmen are cute. Add that I wear a lot of blue and you'll see why the snowmen beads needed to come home with me.
This card of beads has been in my craft room since before Christmas. I paid full price for them (gasp!) because the idea of coffee and donuts made me smile. Pink helped. I've been in a pink frame of mind lately, maybe to counterbalance gray skies?
And last we have fast food delight, burgers and dogs. I know the hotdogs don't show well in this photo but those somewhat oval things are dogs in buns. The red and yellow you see on them are ketchup and mustard.
Some women have what others may think is a surplus of shoes. Some might have a purse addiction. I have jewelry that dates back to when I was 16. Hmmm, does that make it vintage?

The sun has come out since I began writing this. Hubby has gone to an indoor driving range (he has spring fever too) and I see tulips and daffodils leaves have appeared overnight. If I had known making bracelets would have brought all this on, I would have made them weeks ago! Mother Nature must like fun bling too!


Rudee said...

I am from the same island as you and concur! The weather is ridiculous. I almost cried yesterday when I looked out the window and saw snow again!

I love the beads...even the snowmen.

Sewconsult said...

I love all the beads. I bought a bazillion when I was making iSpy bags for a craft fair. Didn't sell one, but when I am old an demented, I can play with them myself!