Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Copic Marker bin

I've mentioned before that I have always liked to color. Copic Markers have become an addiction.

On various blogs and Pinterest sites, I saw bins that had been customized to hold these markers in an upright position so that you can easily read the color name and number. My husband is very handy with projects like this so I showed him examples. The large bins began with a ArtBin (brand name) Super Satchel Double Deep. I bought one at Joann's with a 50% off coupon months ago.

The examples I showed hubby Bill used plastic lighting grates to to hold the markers. He willingly went to Home Depot (not as if I needed to twist his arm to go there!), measured and cut a piece of grate to fit the bin. The bin has slightly sloping sides with a ledge inside where the handle is located. This ledge was perfect for holding the grate on that side, but something would be needed on the opposite side. Hesitant to drill into the plastic, Bill experimented with various props but none pleased him. He also felt that another grid would be needed at or near the bottom to keep the markers from slouching. Ok, technically markers don't slouch, but the would lean.

During this process, I learned of a smaller bin being sold that would hold markers. I priced it at a scrapbooking store. It was roughly $22 for a bin that was half as wide as mine and had a grid that would hold 64 markers. The grid covered half the bin which is ok if you wanted something stored in the other half, but not ideal if you have become addicted to Copics. An additional grid could be purchased for $8. I came out empty handed.

Back online, looking for more helpful hints for this project, I discovered that ArtBin sells the grid, correctly called a tray, that fits in their products. I ordered 4 of them from Dick Blick (www.dickblick.com) for less than what the smaller bin with an additional tray would cost. I do not fault the local store for their pricing which was inline with other stores. I really do try to shop locally but occasionally a better deal online means more money in my wallet to support the local stores with other purchases.

This photo shows the difference in the tray and the lighting grid. The tray offers just enough depth to keep the markers upright.
The ArtBin Super Satchel Double Deep comes with removable dividers. The long one that runs from handle side to hinge side is used with the trays.
I have 70-some markers so far, sorted by color families. I anticipate these families will grow throughout the coming year.  
The trays are easily removed if I ever decide to store markers elsewhere and use this bin with the original dividers or just as one large, deep bin.


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Sarah said...

I have just come across these in the Uk although not widely available. Already have the double deep satchel so was like you debating whether the cheaper option being the egg crate would work just as well. You have solved my dilemma and in this case it is worth buying the real thing :) now I've just got to find some :). Thanks