Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring fever hits Michigan

The gorgeous weather must be causing spring fever. I have three examples that struck me funny although one was starting to peeve a lot of us in line.  

1)  In Target a woman kept walking while her husband stopped to look at hearing aid batteries. He asked if she needed batteries. "What?" she said loudly. He asked her again, a little more loudly. "What??" she asked again. "Batteries! Do you need batteries?" he yelled while pointing to his ear. She patted her ear and loudly said no, she didn't need them. 

2)  Two registers were open at Penney's both with transactions almost complete. A fellow employee was leaving but stopped to show the cashiers a caricature she had done and a prize she had won. Apparently something was taking place for employees in a back room somewhere. One cashier looked, commented and got back to her customer. The other one stopped, ignored her customer and gave full attention to her coworker. Her customer looked at the rest of us in line and was rolling her eyes. I cleared my throat because I really needed to, but the women behind me must have thought I was sending a message because all 5 of us were suddenly ahem-ing. The coworker who was leaving got the message but the cashier was not too bright or just plain didn't care about customers.

I am sort of giving up diet Coke. That means I won't buy it to have in the house but might get one while I am out.    Twisted logic, eh? This leads to the last incident at McDonald's.

3) An employee was hosing off the drive thru area and apparently the older man ahead of me didn't want to be in his way. He stopped his car at least 6 feet from the speaker and was at an awkward angle where I doubt his car could be seen on the monitor inside.
(red box is where orders are taken)
He was yelling "Hello? Can anybody hear me?" and would turn and glare at me. I stayed way back in case he wanted to straighten his car out and pull in next to the screen. That wasn't happening. He got out and tapped on the speaker. Still nothing. He walked around the corner to the window where you pay, said something and got back in the car.

I heard the woman inside McDonald's apologize and tell him to place his order when ready. His wife, from the passenger seat places the order. I was dying! I could her say "like" and "drink" and "fries" but not the rest. Her husband, obviously related to the woman in Target yells "Did you get that?" before pulling around.

It doesn't take much to amuse me.


Chatty Crone said...

I hate to say it - but people sure don't seem to know customer service anymore. sandie

SkippyMom said...

I don't even want to tell you that we bought 28 cokes for $7 the other day. Nope, don't want to, but. . .heehee

Still I only drink 1/2 of a can a day - I love the sweetness, but can't handle the caffeine [and hate caffeine free coke, doesn't taste the same] so it will be the end of February before I finish. I do like your plan to only get a diet coke when you are out - but it will only work if you don't go out 6 times a day. giggle

I was out with the family the other day, in my wheelchair, and the cashier at wal mart began interrogating me on how sick I was, why was I in the chair, would I be getting better soon, etc. I know I don't look 100%, but I put some extra care into my appearance b/c we went to see Squirrel at college - but this girl was so intrusive. I swear Knitty I had no response. When we were leaving she said "Hope you are up and about soon." Suppose I had actually needed the wheelchair 24/7? I felt bad for anyone who is paralyzed who ventured through her lane. Clueless.

Debbie said...

I love to laugh! That first story literally made me chuckle out loud. I could picture it. I could also picture you as the unintentional rabble rouser in the checkout line.


Blondie's Journal said...

Sounds like you had a riot of a day! Give up Diet Pepsi? NEVER!!


Sewconsult said...

I tried to give up Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke) a few weeks ago. By the second day, I was craving one. I use to be that way with coffee. I preferred Diet Coke, but hubby will only drink Diet Pepsi. I refuse to buy both, so being the typical middle child who always tries to please, I switched to Diet Pepsi. I think that I am more addicted to the DP than I ever was to DC.