Saturday, January 21, 2012


The following in blue is a quote from a source called The Laughable News. It is, nonetheless, true. My comments follow.

The world's first urine controlled video game has been installed in a London bar. Patrons can play one of three games every time they use a urinal.

Gordon MacSween, one of the game's co-founders, said he was not sure how the public would react to the game initially. As soon as he saw it go on trial at a bar, he knew he was on to something good.

The game was designed to create a valuable media opportunity from the 55 seconds the average male spends while he pees just staring at a blank wall.

At the end of the game, players are encouraged to post their scores via mobile to Twitter and to a live leader board so they can compete with their friends.

{Note: I had a video clip to accompany this, but it was deleted from You Tube as I tried to post. Fear not, it wasn't a demo.} 

Do we really want to encourage men to compete while in the loo?

Will women soon have to wait for men to return to the table?

This is totally sexist! What are we gals supposed to do for fun while in our rest rooms?

Maybe interactive screens mounted on the inside of the stall doors could let us see how we would look with different hair styles and tinted lenses?

Or maybe hands free keyboards so we could Twitter on the sitter?

I know! How about a scrolling update of what is going on in the men's room?

Screen name Bladder Buster just scored 5,682 points in Angry Birds at urinal #2!

I am glad our bar days are behind us. 


Rudee said...

Eww is right! I hope they wash their hands before tweeting!

Blondie's Journal said...

GROSS!! As in the way we said it in High School! Why not just write on the stall walls like in the good old days?


Debbie said...

Ditto the EWWWWW.

As a former teacher who had to line up kids and take them to the rest room, I know that the boys often took longer than the girls because of their contests.

Ugh, boys...
They turn into men.

Nancy said...

Ladies could have Karaoke in the stalls with screen on door for the words!
I remember when hubby got a Potty Shot paper gift of punch out targets to float in the toilet!

Chatty Crone said...

Ewwwwww is right. Gross. sandie