Monday, November 29, 2010

What does 60 look like?

I've never been good at guessing someone's age, probably because it doesn't matter to me. I have the typical surprised reactions when learning that someone is much older or younger than their physical appearance, but it isn't just a face that makes a person seem a certain age.

While I personally think some styles are best left to the 25 and under age group, I am glad that the age on your driver's license doesn't dictate how you should dress. I do wish there was a common denominator in how people dressed before going out in public (just check People of Walmart to understand my angst), seeing and hearing people in public can make an interesting evening out.

Last night Bill and I went to a Bob Evan's restaurant after seeing a movie. It was well past the Sunday night dinner crowd and there were few booths occupied when we got there. The couple across the aisle from us were done eating but were lingering over coffee, talking. She spoke fairly loudly considering the setting, but he was much LOUDER. Bill and I couldn't help but hearing everything he said. It was annoying but we soon began smiling at each other and quietly commenting on his opinions. According to him, everyone is out to cheat someone. The government is controlling everything. Everyone is basically stupid.

An Elvis look alike wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt came in and sat at the counter behind Mr Loud's dining companion. The two men began a conversation that was even louder than the couple's chat. They both agreed that "the rap music kids listen to is just crap" and lamented what poor examples the rappers gave society. They reminisced about the good old days and "great musicians". Bill and I were ticking off how many had died of overdoses, but I guess that wasn't a bad example, eh?

Elvis admitted that he wasn't married yet (really? no one has fallen under your spell yet?) and that he doesn't consider himself old or young. Therein lies his problem, women don't consider him either, and it has nothing to do with age. Mr Loud proudly announced that he is 60 and that when AARP (controlled by the evil government) sent him an application 5 years ago (I don't think his memory is very good, AARP sends them out before your 50th birthday) and he sent it back with a letter telling them to wait until he turned 65. He added that he bet they never got a letter like that before and slapped the table for emphasis!

"You tell 'em" snickered Bill. I said that his letter is on someone's desk with a sticky note reminding them to resend it in 5 years. Bill and I were beginning to enjoy this more than the movie.

And then Mr Loud said he doesn't look his age because he thinks young. Really? Really?? All of the music kids listen to is crap but you think "young"? I had to wonder what he thought about his too short blue sweat pants with his green socks. Can you guess his hairstyle? You're right if you guessed that he had a comb over.
Lest anyone think I am normally this cruel in my observations of people, I am not unless their mouths, their very loud mouths, catch my attention and make them impossible to overlook.

Here are 8 celebrities that have turned 60 this year (according to an internet search) and 2 that are past 60. One of them is 64, the other 68. Do you know who the two oldest celebs are?
Christine Lahti, David Cassidy, Erin Gray, Cher, Martin Short

Jay Leno, Kathy Baker, Harrison Ford, Joan Lunden, Peter Frampton

I guess Mr Loud did prove one thing about most of us:

Still wondering who the oldest celebrities are? Cher is 64 and Harrison Ford is 68.


Anonymous said...

This is to funny! My hubby and I have been in restaurants where we could hardly contain our selves because we wanted to join in a debate of some sort LOL It's interesting to hear how others percieve the world. Sometimes we are previ to some of the most entertaining conversations.

Chatty Crone said...

Your post posting about these people was so funny.

Yet I can't believe that all those people were 60 and Harrison Ford is 68!