Friday, November 19, 2010

Do your days go as planned?

I'm not sure why I plan my weeks anymore. They never work out as envisioned, but that isn't a bad thing. The absolute musts seem to get done but the rest of the seems to just evaporate.

Our younger son is hosting Thanksgiving at his house next week. His culinary expertise is pretty much limited to macaroni and cheese, the kind in the blue box. Photobucket  I will be borrowing a roaster from my sis-in-law on Sunday and the yet-to-be-purchased turkey will be cooked in it at Billy's house under the watchful eye of my husband. The roaster, originally his mom's, is his specialty. The stuffing and desserts are my thing. Side dishes will be brought by the various relatives coming and we will have a wonderful time. We always do.

Surely my family isn't the only one who seems to wait until company is coming to finish (or maybe begin?) long delayed home projects. One year we painted the house on the eve of Easter. (Happy Easter, c'mon in, just don't lean against the walls!) My sons are carrying on this tradition. I am making tablecloths to cover 8 ft folding banquet tables and today Bill will helping Billy mount a TV on the wall over his fireplace. This has been talked about for over a year. Photobucket  I no longer get antsy over this last minute activity. Heck, I've been known to plan a party just to get projects done!

Yesterday's flurry of activity included shopping trips and errands outside of the house. It was the first time Grandpa and I took Colton with us. Everything took longer because A) we had to show him the hardware and toy sections of Target (guess who handled which tour); B) we watched him take everything in and therefore walked more slowly; and C) Colton charmed the socks off everyone who paid attention to him. Photobucket

All that charming must have been tiring work. It sure tired me out. I sat in the recliner singing our favorite songs until Colton zonked out. I thought I would wait just a minute longer before moving him but instead, I fell asleep too. Grandpa has learned how to work my camera and here is his proof.
I must say, if your day isn't going to go as planned, this is certainly a nice way to have it go awry.


Kelli said...

Can't think of a sweeter way to veer off course of the day's plans. :) What a precious little guy.

And I believe that where I'm concerned, you know the answer to the question asked in this title. Very little goes as planned around here most of the time. You just have to kinda go with the flow. ;)

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Knitty...if this isn't the truth. I gave up list making a long time ago and although I still worry and stress, I just try to take things as they come and go with the flow.

We had been living with a broken coffee table for months. I finally threw it out last week and ordered another. The Husband couldn't figure out why we had so much space in the living room! He actually liked this big bare spot. When I told him another was coming he wasn't happy (he REALLY liked the space) and then I had to remind him that 20 people were coming for dessert on Thanksgiving. Men can be so slow! But at least it pushed me to get rid of the broken table and get a new one. And that is just ONE of the goofy things we have done in a pinch for the holidays and celebrations!! ;-D


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

My days rarely go as planned; like you, the must-do's over-ride & overwhelm the wanna-do's.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving sure look content w/ that grandbaby.

Chatty Crone said...

No they never go as planned - but when they don't - you and Colton look like you have a good way to change it up. He is a doll.