Saturday, November 6, 2010

Retailmenot coupon site

I've mentioned this site before, but thought it is worth mentioning again. is a handy source for online discounts codes and printable coupons at many stores. Enter the name of the store and you'll get a list of available coupons and codes.

This morning I did some online shopping at Penney's. The total order came to $104.94 before shipping and taxes. I found three discount codes and tried them all. The first one (4holiday) was for free shipping. Using that code, my purchase total would have been $111.24. The second code (Novsur10) was for 15% off, resulting in a cost of $109.12. The third code (Pumpkin) was good for $10 off a $50 order, $15 off of $75 and $20 off of $100 or more.  Using that code, my total came to $104.94 after shipping and taxes. Without any discounts, the total would have been $127.08. Shipping alone was $15.85.

One more bit of advice that I've found is true at least with Penney's sales, if you get their sale catalogs, shop and compare between catalogs and online prices. You might think a sale price is good no mater what product number you use, but that is not the case. Last year I order a quilt, pillow shams and curtains from Penney's after seeing them in a print catalog. The quilt and pillow shams were the same price whether you searched for them online or used the catalog order number. The curtains, however, were $15 cheaper per pair using the catalog number and the valances were $8 less expensive. Two pair of curtains and three valances (one was to be cut in half and added to each full valance) were $54 cheaper using the catalog numbers than as shown online.

Happy shopping!

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Chatty Crone said...

Thanks I am going to check that site out! I love to save money.