Saturday, November 6, 2010

How dare they!!!

U-verse has dropped all the Scripps channels from their line up!  No HGTV, no Food Network, no DIY, no Cooking Channel and no GAC (Great American Country, I think). It was all there Thursday night and all gone yesterday.

Scripps blames U-verse, U-verse blames Scripps.  I am tempted to believe the problem is with U-verse since they just did the same thing a few months ago with all of the Hallmark channels.
All of us, no matter what cable service we're using, are paying a lot of money in my humble opinion. Because these channels are part of the basic package, we don't get a rebate on our bills when they are dropped. U-verse commented somewhere that they substituted "similar" programs. I don't think Bravo is similar to the Food Network, nor is TLC like HGTV and besides....both of those channels are already part of our line up.
U-verse is getting a lot of flak over this and I hope they react in a way favorable for their customers.

Rabbit ears and aluminum foil anyone? 
Tell Paula that I miss her, and pass the same along to Holmes on Homes for Bill. If they don't resolve this soon, can anyone tell me where U-verse corporate offices are, and do you want to camp out there with me?


Sewconsult said...

I would be lost without those channels! If I were you'd I'd write a strong letter to the company and the FCC. We have Dish and I am about to pull the plug on them. Since the change in broadcasting a couple of years ago, we have no reception if a storm blocks the satellite. When is the most important time to have reception... when a tornado is heading our way! As much as I love having more choices, I don't need 120+ channels, of which I watch 20 at the most. I'll let everyone at HGTV know that you miss them, especially Holmes. I really like the cutie on Income Property.

Chatty Crone said...

I wouldn't watch any television without those and would take it out. Save my money.


Charli and me said...

I hate when a company does that! Our server switched our channels around and that was bad enough. It took me a couple of days to remember where they all were LOL I like all of the stations you listed and also HBO. We never had it before and we are really enjoying it. HBO was part of a package but now we are so hooked on it we wouldn't want to give that up either. Our servers have a way of reeling us in don't they?