Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I found a dress for the wedding!

A good friend with three sons told me that as Mother of the Groom, my job was to smile while keeping my mouth shut, write checks and wear beige. I can handle the first two if I try really hard, but I am just not a beige person!
I began looking at dresses two months ago. I knew what I wanted, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I knew what I did not want. It looked like this was going to be an uphill struggle. Some dresses were pretty but were offered in limited colors and none of them were flattering. Sage green is lovely....on someone else. Some of the styles were ill suited to plus sizes in my opinion. Nobody was asking my opinion though. 

I thought about having a dress made and began asking about dressmakers. I can sew, but haven't made anything for myself in a long time and didn't want that kind of pressure now. One recommended seamstress retired, another moved 6 hours away to the upper peninsula. Friends that have been mothers in bridal parties had luck at stores that have closed due to Michigan's economic problems.

The wedding is in early October so I wasn't panicky......yet.  I went to a bridal dress shop in April. I was told that I had to order by the end of that week because the store needed 5 months to get the dress and another month for alterations. The dresses she pulled out to show me might have looked good on Barbie but certainly not me. Did she have anything remotely close to my size to try on? Of course not. I could hold the dress up to see about the color. How was that going to give me an idea what the ruching would look like, or the neckline, or the skirt which was too straight to suit me? Once you order a dress, you are committed, no refunds. The alterations would be extra and of course, I would need to order extra fabric for those alterations. The colors were pukey for me and the average price was $450 without extra fabric and alterations.

Keep your dress, and your attitude lady. And I use the term "lady" sarcastically.

Two weeks ago a friend gave me a business card for a shop in Richmond MI. A friend of hers had luck there and passed the card on to me. Richmond is a small town about a half hour from here. Not expecting to have any luck, I went there last Tuesday. The two women working in the store could not have been nicer or more helpful. Dresses were available from right off the rack or could be ordered if a different size or color was needed. The second dress I tried on is the one I bought.

Yay!!!!!  Photobucket  Here is a closer view of the embellishments on the lace.

I will go back in September to have the bodice altered but for now, the dress is in my closet here at home. I found a clutch purse that is a perfect match at Target while shopping for something completely unrelated to the wedding.
Once I find some strappy silver sandals, I will be all set!

Two days after my purchase, Kim's mom called me. She lives just a few blocks from me. She called to say she bought her dress the previous day.

Me: Congratulations!  I got mine on Tuesday!
Her:  A friend told me about a store in Richmond and I decided to give them a try.
Me:  You didn't go to Marcile's, did you?
Her:  (pause) Yes.....have you heard of it?
No, she didn't get the same dress. Hers is a similar style, but is sage green with silver accents. She will look great in that color. Neither of us had heard of the store two weeks earlier, and yet we successfully shopped their 24 hours apart from each other. 

I think this is a good omen for Chuck and Kim. And I think it also means their moms share excellent taste. Photobucket


Chatty Crone said...

A God Wink/blessing if I ever heard one! Awesome. sandie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found your dress. It is such a stress. I have often wondered what would happen if two mothers showed up with the same dress. when one of our sons got married the mother of the bride wanted her dress to remain a secret. She wouldn't even tell anyone what color she chose. I was in a panic but it worked out Ok :>)

That corgi :) said...

found your blog through Sandie's (Chatty Crone). how exciting with an upcoming marriage if your family! your dress looks very nice; neat how it came together that you were able to get it as well as the bride's mom finding her dress as well from the same place :)

added myself as a follower to your blog; looking forward to getting to know you more :)


Sewconsult said...

Congratulations on finding the Holy Grail. I haven't had to look for a Mother of the Bride dress yet, but I know I will face the same difficulties when I do. I had issues just for my niece's wedding a few years ago. Your dress is beautiful & I know you will look beautiful in it.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Your dress is very pretty, so glad you found one!
Actually, mine for my son's was kind of a celery green. It was very pretty and I felt like a princess wearing it. That beige thing is ridiculous. Mother's of the groom can be cute too!
Hugs, Cindy

Nettie said...

Oh I feel your pain when it came to finding an outfit for a wedding. Being a "mother of the bride" myself, I thought I might be wearing my jeans & a blouse to my youngest daughters wedding in October this year. The "plus size" thing was just frustrating. All the itty bitty as I call them "bitch sizes" offered beautiful styles & colours. The "plus sizes" offered black black & more black. I sure as hell wasn't going to be wearing black to my daughters wedding.
Thank goodness for some unbeknown reason I managed to find something exactly that I wanted close to my sizing (it needs to be taken in a bit as it's a bit loose -what the?) Peacock is the colour, so it's a blue colour, of my 3 piece outfit. Skirt, camisole top & 3/4 sleeved jacket & it's gorgeous & looks lovely on me...makes me look almost 1 million bucks...hahaha BUT, I don't want to outshine my baby girl.