Friday, April 16, 2010


Appliances are rebelling, grocery prices keep rising and it was income tax day yesterday. Anyone want to join me in a drink? I'm having a caffeine-free diet Coke. Straight up. Right out of the bottle.

I'm starting to forget what my other computer looks like. I feel bad that our last day together looked like this
The scanner and printer that are normally hooked up to that computer feel disloyal when I ask them to cooperate with my laptop. I wonder if union lines are being crossed or if they are from different political parties? Bill needed copies of papers to give to someone. His computer has a working printer connected to it but it wasn't going to be physically simple to connect the scanner to his PC. I installed it to my laptop, scanned 10 pages and then emailed them to his computer to print. Except I did something incorrectly and only one page was saved so I had to rescan 9 pages. Sending the email went s-l-o-w-l-y and receiving it seemed even s-l-o-w-e-r. I could have gone to Kinkos, photocopied everything, stopped at 7-11 for the milk that we are out of and been home in less time but this was after 11:00 last night. Unlike some, I don't go shopping in my jammies.
I went up to bed at 12:10 and turned on the TV so that I could fall asleep to a mindless program. Bad habit, but it is my routine. Guess what? The TV is upset with me too. The TV would turn on, the cable box would turn on, but all I could view was a green screen.

Kitchen appliances are giving me grief too. I have a Maytag dishwasher that doesn't clean pots and leaves white spots on glasses. I scrape and rinse dishes. I have tried powdered, get and tablet dishwasher detergents. Rinse aids too. The handle has been replaced twice in less than 7 years. I'd shoot it but Bill won't even allow me to have a water pistol.

Our refrigerator seems to be rusting below the textured surface. I thought surely I was imagining this phenomenon until discussing it at the gym. Others are having the same problem and their refrigerators aren't as old as mine!

Bill asked if I was going to call the computer technician today to see when my computer might come home. I can't do that today. I am sleep deprived and cranky. If he were to tell me he didn't know or any other answer that I might not like (the only acceptable answer being "I'm turning down your street as we speak and will be there in three minutes"), I think I might have a hissy fit.
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I would go look at new refrigerators, dishwashers, TVs and computers, but Uncle Sam got to our wallets first. 
Some of my friends are having a Middle Aged Woman Needs New Everything shower for me. Forgetful Fran is in charge of the invitations. I hope she remembers to put stamps on them. Hot Flash Hannah is in charge of refreshments. I know many of you like iced tea, I just hope the coffee lovers are ok with chilled coffee.
Wacky Wanda is planning the entertainment. I hope she does better at my shower than the last one. She was excited to find Chippendale dancers at such a cheap frugal reasonable rate.
It wasn't what the rest of us hoped for, but I still have their autographed photo on my refrigerator. It is covering up one of the rust spots.


Kelli said...

Oh Knitty, I'm so sorry that everything is happening at once. Bad enough that it has to happen at all! At least you have kept your sense of humor. :) If we didn't laugh about it, or at least giggle a little, we'd all go insane!

Sewconsult said...

Oh, sounds so close to my week. ((Hugs)) on Monday, I was trying to print out an IRS form for my mother. We decided that due to stress, she should file an extension. She also lives an hour away, so I was planning a quick run to her town & facilitate the filing, etc. After 2 hours of fighting with the printer, I called my daughter to see if she could print the pages on her work printer. Nope, no person usage. I started to call a cousin in Mother's town, then a light bulb went on! I called the business manager at Mother's assisted living. In a matter of minutes, she had the papers printed out & in Mother's frail little hands. Mother was relieved, I was saved an extra trip & all was right in that department.

Tip for the dishwasher: There is a product out on the market to clean the dishwasher. It is in the aisle with the dishwashing rinses. You use it with an empty dishwasher. The first time that I used it, it took 2 of the products to really solve the problem. I use one about once a month. It saved me from buying a new dishwasher which is about the age of your.

LemonyRenee' said...

I can relate, Honey. My post today is simply a list of complaints. We should have planned. We could have had a complaint round-robin. Wow, how's that for kicks?!

Slide over, I'll join you for a stiff drink. . . but mine's gotta be diet.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh, I'm laughing. At you and with you!!! You're so funny!!! The world needs someone to step into the shoes (or house slippers) of the late great Erma Bombeck and I think I've just found the perfect new talent!!!

Darlene said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I thought I would come back and see what you were up to. What a difference a day makes. I am so glad taxes were done in February as usual by me. Sounds like you had a day and do deserve today, Friday. Do not feel alone. We have Comcast and internet and phone went down at 2pm for at least an hour. We have had so many techs out that I do not think they have more to come out and that is in the last few months. Maybe that is why they sent Supervisors last time. I know they are not telling us the truth and that their system is terrible here. Sounds like a week that needed to end for many. Glad it is over. All can rest to start it all over again next Monday. Good luck with the sunburn and the itching that happens when healing. Have a good weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

When it rains it pours but you have the cutest sense of humor about it.

Hope you went to bed and put the covers over your head and had a good nights sleep!