Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting organized

Where does it all come from? Whether we're talking Tupperware lids, books, craft supplies or dust bunnies, haven't we all wondered if things multiply overnight?

For years now, it seems that the mood to reorganize hits me in January. That didn't happen this year, probably because we were inundated with office supplies including moving the computer that used to be in Bill's office at work into MY SPACE here at home. Geez.....I love the guy and all, but I used to have 6 feet of counter behind me that could be a work space for whatever. Now it holds his computer, printer, rolodex, etc and our chairs sometimes bump into each other.
Oops, I just got off track.Photobucket

The clutter phenomenon begins when one item doesn't get put away properly. The lid doesn't fit with the other lids or maybe the craft supply serves more than one hobby and you can't decide whether to put it with paint related items or beading supplies. The item in question is left out on the counter or shoved into a spot where it fits just for right now...and months later it has buddies residing with it, or has relatives who have branched out and are living in neighboring communities within your otherwise clean and organized home.

Trash pick up is on Wednesdays in my neighborhood. On Tuesday I thought it would be a good idea to organize my scrapbooking supplies and toss out a few things in this week's pickup. I don't even scrapbook much, but I do use the papers, embellishments, inks, etc for cardmaking and other paper crafts. It is now Thursday morning and I am still organizing this crap all of these precious items.

My goal is to be done by the end of the day. I am currently deciding if all seasonal and holiday embellishments can go in one folder or if Christmas and Halloween deserve their own because I have so many of each. The craft room is looking scary right now, but I am seeing light and I don't think it is a train headed my way.

If I'm not back here within a few days, please send a rescue team, preferably someone not interested in scrapbook supplies. I'd hate to be buried alive and hear distracted rescuers exclaiming "this would be perfect for the page I am doing on Aunt Martha and the elephant incident!" or wondering "what on earth was she thinking when she put witches next to Santa elves?!"

As for the dust bunnies multiplying, that isn't my fault at all. They are shameless, wanton and promiscuous! They should control their lust to propagate with a hobby. Hey! I wonder if dust bunnies scrapbook?
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Kelli said...

I so agree with you about the dust bunnies, annoying little creatures that they are. They multiply shamelessly and take over every nook and cranny. Think I'll call Elmer Fudd. I know how he loves to hunt 'wabbits'. ;)
Best of luck with your organizing. I know how it can consume you because you start with one small project and it leads to another, then another and yet another. Doesn't take long to snowball and then you end up cleaning your whole HOUSE! Perish the thought! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL... It's all endless isn't it. We have a very small home so a tiny bit of clutter can look like a huge amount in no time at all. When Charli wakes up in the morning she starts pulling her toys out. They are up stairs/downstairs. I put them back and she pulls them out again. Then there is my hubby. Well, what can I say. I dearly love them both ♥

Chatty Crone said...

You know what - I get in these moods all the time - I throw away - it looks good for a day - then it is an invitation for everyone to bring home more stuff!