Monday, February 1, 2010

Scarf Mania

First of all, Rabbit Rabbit!  That is for those who believe or secretly hope that saying Rabbit Rabbit on the first day of the month will bring luck. We can all use a little luck, right?

The yarn shop that has become a home away from home recently had a class on entrelac knitting with this scarf as the project. I won't try to describe this to non-knitters as it would sound way too confusing. If you do knit and haven't tried this pattern, it really was fun and not as complicated as I thought it would be. Normally knitting means going back and forth on your needles, but with entrelac, you work on  angles to the left or right. KnittyOtter describes and illustrates her version of this scarf here. My scarf was done on 8 stitches rather than 6, but everything else is the same.   The yarn I used is Tonalita by Trendsetter Yarns. I love how the colors in the yarn changed and made each section seem like it was a deliberate color change.  Some of the others who took this class used a more subtle color and theirs are also beautiful. I wasn't feeling subtle.Photobucket

This is the same yarn in a different color wave. Because my knitting is straight back and forth, the colors are striping. The pattern stitch is a six row repeat that creates the diagonal ridge with opens spaces that will show up much better after the scarf is finished and blocked (steamed). I could steam the entrelac scarf and it would be flatter and longer, but most of us in class like the puffiness of the unblocked version.
Isn't it interesting how the same type of yarn, handled differently, shows us a completely different image? The same could be said of me. I am still in sweat pants and t-shirt from this morning's trip to the gym, but I won't look anything like this when I go shopping this afternoon. In the case of the yarn, the differences are noticeable, but both are nice and not scary. The same can't be said of the before and after pictures of yours truly!  Photobucket


Blondie's Journal said...

The scarves are lovely!! I love the colors in both. How talented you are. And kudos for hitting the gym while I was still sleeping!!


Sewconsult said...

They are both so unique. I love both. I don't knit, except for knit & purl. I will have to show this to my daughter who is more experienced in knitting than I am. Handwork is great for snowy days!

Chatty Crone said...

Your scarfs are really nice - I don't know how to do that myself.