Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The party is over, will the snow begin?

Ahhhh, the shower is over....

No, I don't look like Hilda, but the red long johns could be appropriate soon as 6-10 inches of snow is due by tomorrow.

The baby shower went well. There were some hectic moments setting things up but in the end, all went well. This photo was taken just before Grandpa-to-be high-tailed it out of there as did the other grandpa-to-be. They said they are old school about men at baby showers. We know they were just big ole chickens, afraid to be outnumbered by so many women! Photobucket
The baby is going to be very well dressed and I don't think mommy will have to do laundry for a month with so many clothes to choose from. Tiny baby outfits got the expected oohs and ahhs but I think the biggest surprise reaction went to a toddler sized outfit from one of mommy's aunts. It is a faux leather jacket and jeans!
Uncle Billy is worried that his nephew is going to be better dressed than he is, and daddy is already resigned to be #3 after baby and mommy. Maybe we'll remember him and buy him something on his birthday, but baby's due date is 5 days after daddy's so he could be in trouble if baby arrives 5 or 6 days early.Photobucket

I have many things to catch up on around here, and if we do get the predicted amount of snow, I'll have no excuse for not getting started on my backlog of projects. I am NOT a snowbaby and unlike my friend Kelli (she writes Countin' My Blessings), I don't see the need for snow after December 26th. I am lobbying for a snow free zone in a 25 mile radius from wherever I am at even given date and time. My elected officials aren't returning my phone calls on this matter and Mother Nature laughs wickedly and hangs up. A flame thrower for melting snow and ice is looking like a good idea and sounds like fun, don't you think? I wonder if Bill would get me one for Valentine's Day? Think of the gift tag possibility: Honey, I got the hots for you! Photobucket


LemonyRenee' said...

We got 30" over the weekend and another 10" is expected tonight. This is crazy!

I'm glad the shower went well. That baby outfit is adorable . . . wonder how you get spit-up out of a zipper?? LOL!

Sewconsult said...

That's some outfit! How different Northern babies are dressed from the Southern babies, even little boy ones.

You better make a "faux" leather bib for that one. Renee's comment makes a point.

Chatty Crone said...

More snow - and we have mmore rain.

Glad the shower went well and that you got a lot of nice things.

I love HILDA!


Kelli said...

Billy had better watch out! Little nephew is gonna give him a run for his money! ;) What an adorable outfit.
Alas, even your snow-loving friend is tiring of being stuck inside. I'm now crying 'Uncle'! (And I don't mean Billy! :) )