Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Lamb Sweater

It is Friday and I can say Ta-dah!

I finished this sweater, called a Little Lamb sweater because of the lamb ears on the hood.
This was a kit sold at the yarn shop where I go for knitting sessions. The yarn is an off white/beige cotton. The buttons and painted white, gray and tan in a plaid design.

Now that this is done, I will go back to working on the baby blanket, possibly a christening blanket. I will be flying to SC next week and have decided not to take it with me. Since the TSA leak, I am concerned that security will be heightened and they may revert to not allowing knitting needles on the plane. I'm not taking a chance packing it either. I've never lost anything while flying, but if I did, it probably wouldn't be my Reeboks that need replacing anyway, it would be something I've been working on for months.

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Barbara Jean said...

This is so cute!!

Just the picture made me smile, and reminds me of the puppet lady a few years ago.
You know who i mean? Maybe Shirley or Sherry something? She had a little lamby puppet.


barbara jean

Oh. Maybe better go see how old you are. Maybe too young to know hat i am talking about.

Knitty said...

I am plenty old enough to remember Shari Lewis! Her main puppets were Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse. Thanks for the memory!

Kelli said...

I remember Shari Lewis, too! :)
Love that little sweater, Knitty. So cute! And you're so talented!

ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for participating again this week - that sweater is sooo cute! It does remind me of Lambchops!!! Sherry Lewis was one of my favorites, as I loved Lambchops!! Especially the voice she used for her - it went with the lamby!

Threeundertwo said...

So cute!! What a darling pattern. I'd be scared to lose a big project on a flight too.

I remember Shari Lewis! I used to love her.

ocmist said...

Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy... Old Friends! I loved the Sheri Lewis Show, too, and just recently I found my "Little Red Spinning Wheel" in the top of my mom's OLD closet that no one looks in, and when I went online to find out how to use it, there was a YouTube clip on an old commercial showing her teaching how to use the Spinning Wheel, so now I can use it! Cool, huh!

That is a lot of work and it really came out looking so cute! Glad I got a chance to find out about it from Monica's Git R Done Fridays Meme!

Angela said...

I'm sure who ever it is that you are giving your little lamb sweater to will Treasure it forever! That truly is a keepsake!

Get R Done Friday!

Chatty Crone said...

So cute - I agree - if you don't want to lose it - don't take it with you!

The Urban Chic said...

Knit, catching up on your blog and that little sweater is just too adorable..Reading what everyone said about Shari and Lambchop, I went to Goodwill and there was a Lambchop puppet and I didn't get it. I wanted to, so my granddaughter would read about her. What wonderful memories, especially when Lambchop would hug Shari---oh those were the days. Love and Hugs, Pat

LemonyRenee' said...

That is positively precious!