Sunday, September 28, 2008

Throughout the house

I've been hesitant to post photos of things around my home but realize that is what I love to see in other blogs. Some photos give me inspiration while others just give me a glimpse of something pretty or interesting. With that as explanation, I am going to take photos of Halloween and autumn decorations that I've collected over the last few decades throughout the years. (That sounds better, doesn't it?)

While visiting a dear friend in Ohio (whom I met through the internet), we shopped in a cross stitch stitch store. This kit didn't just call to me, it screamed BUY ME! especially since a coordinating frame with the pumpkins in the corner was available. I am a sucker for cute.

I have two bay windows in my family room. Most of the ghosts are from craft shows.

Our game table with a Boo Basket and a table runner I made a few years ago

The witch who screens my phone calls and puts a spell on telemarketers

Plants that survive my not-so-green thumb

Here is Paddy O' Spook in my shamrock

Even Teddy gets into the spirit of the season

These Jim Shore pieces are on top of the entertainment center in the living room.

The passage way between the living room and kitchen always has a quilt hanging there. This is one of my favorites. I had just learned to use a stippling stitch on my sewing machine and went to town on this quilt. It also has seven small charms sewn on.

Opposite the quilt is a niche with glass shelves that usually hold my Brandywine buildings. Each one is chosen for a personal meaning to my family. Here is the theater (technically it should be a movie theater) for one of my sons, a jewelry store and a quilt shop. Feel free to guess who the jewelry store and quilt shop represent.

Some of my ghoulfriends

I bought this kit and stitched it in Las Vegas. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This trio lights up at night

My centerpiece, even if it isn't in the center of the table

More white ceramic pumpkins. These are on top of my tall hutch

I have Snowmen (SnoWonders) for all seasons. Here are the October and November ones.

There are more decorations throughout, but I will save them for another day. Once in a while I have to do something practical. Like fix dinner.


MizSmoochieLips said...

Well I love visiting your house full of spooks and cackles! Your quilt is so great!!! I was kind of expecting to see that "alternative" type of Boos... heh heh

Nettie said...

Your Halloween decorations are wonderful...especially your quilt.

The Urban Chic said...

Knit, what a great selection of fall and Halloween. I am addicted to cutesy as you see when I post my decorations---can't find some of my favorites tough---I hate moving---can't even find my bows for my black garland outside. I especially love the cross stitch and quilt. Great job. Love and hugs, Pat