Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bee Graveyard

We haven't been to our cottage the past few weekends for various reasons. We have wonderful neighbors there and crime, specifically break-ins, has not been a problem. I guess if you are small enough to enter the cottage through a vent, it isn't a break-in, right? The little would-be criminals would slip through handcuffs and there isn't likely a sheriff or police officer willing to arrest a bunch of bees anyway.

I am not squeamish about bugs. I simply don't appreciate anyone entering our home or cottage uninvited. We walked into dozens of dead bees on the floor and window sills and a few live ones flying around the range hood which vents outside near the kitchen window. I've been spared both the details of the hive that was constructed in the vent and the battle to dislodge the hive while ducking the bee militia.

After spraying them with something to numb them (I like the image of tiny tasers but we don't have bee sized stun guns), the exterior vent was taped off except for an opening large enough for the hose of the shop vac which ran for an hour. The end of hose has now been taped, sealing the bees in the shop vac to their untimely demise. Do I feel bad? No! It serves the little squatters right! It is a little creepy hearing buzzing inside the vacuum though.
Years ago we had a problem at the house with bees. What looked like a tiny hole in the mortar between two bricks was their entrance to a very large hive. A professional was called in to handle the situation. The hive was at least 24 inches long by a foot or so wide. Have I held a grudge all these years? Possibly, or perhaps I should say....may-bee.

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Reverend Chuck... said...

take your time and watch and read the information in these links

If you already knew're just sad
Einstein once said that if we would ever loose the honey bee, civilization would follow in 4 years...something to ponder.
I hope he was wrong.