Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My happy, aching bones

After Friday's closing fiasco, I had my doubts that my son's closing would take place yesterday. We still don't have answers that make sense, but the good news is that a closing did take place yesterday afternoon and the moving in process has begun!

I think we all lifted, scrubbed, dried, folded and completed many other motions within six hours yesterday than in many previous full days. Even when we took a break from moving things in, we didn't sit still. The chimney was heavily covered in ivy. It didn't take long for my husband and sister-in-law to decide to see how hard it would be pulling the ivy off. Poof! Within in 15 minutes it was gone!

There is much more yard work ahead, but the ivy was bugging all of us and its removal made the house officially our son's home somehow. Thankfully none of the mortar nor the eaves seem damaged.

Good thing I finished the baby quilt and got that to the baby and her parents over the weekend. Here is the Peek-a-boo quilt. I randomly sewed all the leftover strips of fabric together to make the binding. I echo quilted the seaming in the blocks, outlining the baby faces and adding hearts wherever a space seemed to call for more quilting.

I may not be a baby any longer, but I think a nap is in order this afternoon, especially with more boxes to move and unpack. After we get our son all settled in, I get to clean my own house again. Gee, I'll even have new spaces to claim for work and storage, provided I beat my husband to them!


Nettie said...

It's good to make such an impact on the house. The ivy certainly looks better GONE off the house. That stuff is so invasive. It's so satisfying being able to help your kids.

The Urban Chic said...

Hey Knit, the house does look better without the ivy, but I have creeping jenny on my fence and I just love how it looks. I pulled some off every now and then because I still want some of the boards showing. Tell them I said congratulations on their new home. We are constantly changing things with ours---it's fun with old houses. Love and Hugs, Pat

Knitty said...

Thanks ladies, I will tell Billy his house is getting 100% positive feedback :)

Pat said...

Lovely house and very cute baby quilt. Glad the Ivy didn't do any damage. We had a bout with Ivy and our fence is needing some work on it from the ivy growing through it here.