Sunday, September 21, 2008

Correction to yesterday's entry

My bee problems aren't bees, they are yellow jackets. If bee/hornet/wasp identification was covered in high school, I must have been absent. Black and yellow flying insects have always been bees to me while brown/black/gray things were wasps and bluish black ones were hornets. I was badly stung by many wasps as a child when I unknowingly ran over a nest with my tricycle. Since then I have had a live and let live attitude towards bugs in the great outdoors, but do try to avoid stinging and biting insects when in their habitat.

The yellow jackets are still finding a way to get in this morning. I heard buzzing in the range hood but haven't witnessed any entering from there. I have killed at least 8 of them in the past two hours. If hubby doesn't find their entry point soon, I am googling for an anti-yellow jacket assault weapon. If nothing else, I am buying a meaner looking flyswatter.
No more of this
I need something menacing, at least this
if not this gadget

If all else fails, this guy's business card is next to my phone.

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andrea said...

if i didn't have your blog to read, my days would be incredibly boring :) your writing is so vivid...i can actually see you with that sissy fly swatter cheasing bees around your house!!!! you are a hoot!