Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures at an Exhibition

What an exciting day for me! The exhibit was so crowded, it was hard to take pictures. I plan to go back this week and take more photos and really examine the other works. These pictures are going to go in a scrapbook just so I can prove to one and all that I really had work hanging in a gallery!

I missed the table with name tags when we first entered, but one of my nieces took care of things by grabbing mine and sticking it on my shirt. Shortly after that, the director of the show came up and said "Oh! You're our Charlene!" Our??? She had read the text of the newspaper interview but hadn't seen the photograph. When the art was being hung the other day, someone recognized one of my paintings from the newspaper article. The staff was so happy about the newspaper article, I became "our Charlene" to them!

Here is Allison next to her portrait. She recognized the painting of my house (above) before she saw her painting.

Here I am with my groupies The blonds on the left and to the middle are my sister-in-law, three nieces and a great niece. The two women on the right are my son's friends who've been almost daughters to me for ages. One of my closest friends and neighbors took this photo.

And here are my very tired, biggest supporters. Bill worked 18 hours each Friday and yesterday, and 6 today before the exhibit. Billy got home from camping just in time to shower, change and head to the show. I am sure they are both reliving the exhibit behind closed eyelids right now. Surely they can't simply be asleep while I am still so excited!

I feel like Goldilocks when she had found the right bed and the right bowl of porridge. Everything was just right today. I certainly don't feel smug about my work, but neither am I embarrassed.

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The Urban Chic said...

Oh Knit, you look gorgeous, along with your sisters and friends. Yea, we have a true artist amongst us now. I am so very proud of you.Congratulations. The best I can say for myself is I won Best Decorated Booth at our huge Festival here and I'm glad my mom shared it with me. Love Ya, Pat