Thursday, August 28, 2008

ABCrafting Members

A while ago I lost email addresses that I had for members of a craft board called ABCrafting. I know how to reach a few women who were members via their blogs, but I have a question to ask about another member and don't feel right sticking my question on other blogs.

Does anyone hear from Tia? Mutual friends from another message board where she was once active have asked me if I know anything about her. Her blog no longer exists, a different name is listed at her physical address (home) and my last emails to her hotmail account went unanswered.

I'm sure this sounds terribly nosy, especially to those who never knew her, but this was the best way I could think of to try to find someone who may know how she is doing. If you'd prefer to answer by email, my account is


Nettie said...

If you rejoin the ABC site you might just find her lurking around there.
I decided to permanently leave the ABC site & handed back the Manager title I had to Mar.
Quite a few old members have since rejoined.

Knitty said...

I wasn't sure if the site was still going or not. I found a listing for it under MSN with the lock icon for private board. Whatever the message said about contacting the board didn't work because the board wasn't signed up for something. (How is that for technical? LOL)

If she has made a choice to not be involved with old boards or friends, I can accept that although I would wonder what happened. I think those of us who are wondering just want to know if she and her family are safe, and then we'll move on.

The Urban Chic said...

Charlene, I thought I had your e-mail but I forgot that my computer crashed after you left, but I still have you mailing addres. Tia joined ABC on Monday and hasn't been heard of again.

I hope she and Brandon are still together. It all sounds so strange. I requested joining her blog and now it is just gone. We send you my private e-mail---I have so spam at all now and it's great. Love and hugs, Pat