Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art for All Ages

I was interviewed by phone for an article on the student art exhibit which opens this weekend. A staff photographer for the community newspaper took this shot of me with the three works that I have entered in the show. The publisher of the paper distributes free papers to each community weekly. Some articles overlap, others are specific to one town. This appeared last week in the town where the art exhibit is being held, but hasn't been in my local paper yet.

The title of the article is Art for All Ages, referring to the fact that the show preceding the one opening this weekend is the youth exhibit, for entrants are younger than 16. I found it amusing that after that title they gave my full name and age. Yes, dear children, dinosaurs (of All Ages) still exist, and some of them are art students!

I am having such fun with this, and hope that everyone around me understands it isn't ego running amok. It isn't about whether or not I think my work is good, it is about being relaxed enough, finally, to say "sure, go ahead and show my work and yes, I'll do the interview". I'm done delaying. I might produce a better painting in a year or two. I might be 25 pounds thinner then. I might be more articulate if a reporter asks the same questions another time. But what if there isn't another student exhibit next year, or a newspaper article in a year, or even me as I am today? There was an old commercial whose tag line was about going for the gusto. This gusto is mine.


The Urban Chic said...

Knit, I am sitting here wondering who that woman is in the picture. Girl you look awesome. I wish Tia was still around to see you. I too lost some weight and ABC group is still waiting for a new picture of me-lol-I am camera shy, but hope to do it soon. Love Ya, Pat
you should be proud of that picture, I thought it was great!

Nettie said...

I didn't recognise you...mind you I only have seen one pic of you & that was from about 4 or so years ago when you visited Jackie in Canada with Mar & Tia...your hair was much shorter then I think...I recogised the painting & wondered who was holding it for

Knitty said...

I am incognito! LOL! I grew my hair out a few years ago and am liking the length now.

I struggle with trying to lose weight, but I don't move enough to rev my metabolism into calorie burning mode.

Pat, don't be camera shy. I look at pictures of myself when I was in my 30s and remember hating how I looked at the time. Now I look at the pictures and chastise myself. I remember the event or just the general time of my life from the photo, not that I had a hair out of place or 15 unwanted pounds.

Nettie, that trip to Canada was such a fun visit for me. I have reconnected with Jackie a bit, but sure do miss Tia. Tia had visited Mar on another trip, I haven't met her, but who is full of possibilities!

youngestbeckgirl said...

Hey Aunt Knitty!

Melissa gave me the address to your blog and I look foward to new entries. I don't have time to be crafty but maybe once the boys are bigger I will. The picture is great. I told Mom the other day that maybe I can be like you when I grow up.


Nettie said...

I miss the way the old ABC craft site used to be when Tia was there...always full of wonderous ideas & everyone seemed to be keen to participate in whatever was going on, especially the all seems too much for everyone to be bothered with...though I guess that's what happens in life...think that it was past it's prime when PatUK & myself were lumbered with it.
I always thought I'd met up with as many of the girls from the craft group as I could when I travelled overseas but don't think that is going to be happening anytime soon - travelling or meeting.
So, it's wonderful to reconnect with you again.

Knitty said...

Hi Meg!!!

Nice to see you! Don't blink too often or the boys will be as big as mine and you will think you have all kinds of time to craft. Actually, you will have time unless you get hooked on internet puzzles, message boards and start blogging.

Knitty said...

Nettie, I miss those days too. I didn't pull away because of a problem with anyone at ABC, but I was weary and wary of ongoings elsewhere.

There are a few huge craft boards that I sometimes visit for inspiration, but they are so big and the posts move so quickly, a newcomer has a hard time keeping up. The medium size craft boards seem to have an abundance of drama queens. Life is too short to hang around them.

A non-crafting friend showed me a blog that she enjoyed reading, and then my card making friend (by the seats of my pants Andrea) started one and that was led me to this.

In the end, it doesn't matter how we reconnect, just that we do. :)