Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Snarky and colorful nature

I can't believe today is the last day of April. I think part of my denial is that expectation would have the weather much nicer than it has been. The forecasters continue to try to pinpoint when precipitation will hit and how much. My prediction is much more accurate: The forecasters will be wrong!

I think Mother Nature is snarky, don't you? I'm not picking on her, I identify with her. Sometimes I do things just to prove someone wrong, usually when they are smug sure of themselves. I have an acquaintance who is becoming increasingly annoying with finishing other people's sentences. Since this takes place in a setting where I don't feel like confronting her, I usually overlook it but every once in a while I change what I was about to say when she interrupts. This is a hypothetical example of what I do when she gets to be too much:

Me:  I bought a new pink dress to wear to the event and did my hair
Her: (interrupting) held back with the silvery clips you like so much
Me: No, I dyed my hair with grape Kool Aid and looked fabulous

Don't you just love Dame Edna?
Mother Nature, when feeling snarky, hears the forecast and sends the opposite, just to prove expense equipment is no match for her power. Speaking of Mother Nature and her need to be right, who is old enough to remember the Chiffon margarine commercials?

The ads ran through most of the '70s, Chiffon was discontinued in the early 80's. 

I'm not fooling Mother Nature, but I am having fun depicting nature. I had another pair of classes last Saturday, one featuring Copic markers and a new technique, the other class was a combination of markers and Prismacolor pencils. Here is a tree top:

Same technique, same colors on a different tree top. The trunk was die cut, using Memory Box's "Grand Willow Tree"

The second class featured stamps from Penny Black's "Garden Friends" collection. They were scanned and enlarged before printing them to color. I didn't like the mouth on the bunny on the left so I didn't repeat that on the right. The only other difference between the two samples is that I didn't add a drop shadow to the images on the right.

I'm a sucker for ladybugs. Red ladybugs, not the invasive orange ones that aren't true ladybugs and are a problem in some areas.

Colorfully yours (and wishing for warmer, drier weather),
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Oh, my goodness! I love your work. You are so talented.