Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Having fun!

After my last two posts, one might think I'm avoiding the news for peace of mind, but sometimes news can't be avoided. Crime has hit twice close to home. Short of unplugging completely and not talking to neighbors or fellow citizens of our community, there is no way to avoid these tragedies. This is not to say they should be ignored, but the constant dwelling on bad things is what concerns me. Someone close to me is worrying me with their near obsession of all things bad. I try to remind them that there is much good in the world that goes ignored, sometimes because it is simply nice and normal. Nice and normal doesn't make newscasts.

Until I am granted super powers that would enable me to disarm evil forces, fight for truth and justice, all while wearing a real cool outfit, I remain Super Gigi with the power to love fiercely and craft endlessly.

Super Papa didn't want his picture here so he was cropped out. Cropping is another power I currently possess.

A few things I've been working on need to remain under wraps until they are presented to their intended recipients. I can share one card that was made for a fellow knitter who is owned by two poodles. Yes, I said that right. They own her, not the other way around. 

Self striping yarn is something knitters often use to make socks that look like we've really worked hard when actually the way the yarn is dyed does the impressive part. Here is an example of what one brand of yarn looks like in the skein and how the socks work up. Both photos are from the Red Heart website.

My poodle loving knitting buddy doesn't knit socks. Her feet are never cold. This makes no sense to me but since I'm being non-judgmental, I overlook this.  She has used self striping yarn though.

My card to her depicts a poodle made of self striping yarn, worked in sections as a real pattern might do if you were to knit a poodle.

With two knitting projects going, working on a birthday gift and making cards for few more upcoming events, the mojo that was lost is now humming a happy tune.

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