Monday, April 14, 2014

Mother Nature, happy birthdays and Minions!

There is no 800 number to call Mother Nature and complain about the weather she delivers. Doesn't matter. If there was a compliant hot line it would be down due to overload anyway. The midwest already has snow on the ground and we're expecting an inch overnight. Is it coincidence that unwanted snow is due to appear on April 15th, the day so many hate because of the IRS?

Birthday happiness continued this weekend for my relatives. The young man who received the bottle of cash (see previous post) was thrilled with his gifts from everyone, including clothing. Not many boys at the age of 9 are happy with clothes, but this young man was. He was also happy to get a small yard (leaf) blower. Not a toy, a real one. And the gift that almost brought tears to his eyes was a Kindle Fire. After opening all of his guests, he proclaimed this year as his "Golden Birthday" because it was the best ever. Wasn't that sweet and also wonderful?

Lastly for today, do you know who Minions are? You do if you are a fan of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. I love the Minions. Make that I LOVE the Minions! Here they are as seen in the movies:


There are lots of them with many different personalities, all with one or two eyes behind some form of goggles. If you are a fan of them and follow Pinterest, you will have seen edible versions made of Twinkies and cookies, clay and paper renditions, and appropriate for this time of year, Minions made from eggs. Some use dyed hard boiled eggs, others use plastic eggs, which is what I did.

Many sites suggesting using black electrical tape for the goggle band. Cutting a piece thin but even wasn't easy so I used a Sharpie marker. I had a silver Sharpie that I used before the googly eyes were glued on with glue dots. I experimented on a green egg first to make sure the marker wouldn't smear. The purple egg was also an experiment. In Despicable Me 2, most of the Minions are turned into hairy purple beasts for a brief spell. A smooth purple egg just didn't work for this. That's ok. He can be a Minion with a skin condition. 

I goofed on the guy with the three eyes too. He isn't an official Minion. He is a Minion wannabee. Now if they would only work for me the way the movie Minions work for Gru, I'd be ecstatic. I'm pretty happy anyway because when my grandson saw them, this conversation followed:

Colton: "Hey! Where did you get these guys?"
Me: "I made them."
Colton: "You made them? Wow!" 

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