Friday, May 17, 2013


Even retirees (and those stranded on an island) can feel the relief that Fridays can bring.
There has been a lot of anticipation this past week, both expected and some issues that arose out of the blue. Things seem to be resolving well with a few left hanging. Don't you hate NOT being in control of the time line for getting things done? I'm not always that way, but every once in a while, when something is big in your life or has been lingering for a long time, it is hard to wait patiently.
My personal big relief is that the bothersome tooth is gone. Sedation was wonderful. I didn't see, hear or feel anything ugly and painful, therefore I have no bad memories. I've had no pain afterward and as soon as the stitch dissolves in a few more days, my mouth will feel normal again.
In an attempt to not think about my dental woes earlier in the week and to also get me back in a happy, creative groove, I did some sewing. Neither project is complete yet, but I'm on my way.
This will become a 48" square quilt once I am done. The fabric was bought as a kit 5 or 6 years ago. I guess it needed to age like wine, right? The pattern is called Shade Cascade.
The color is a little off in the photo due to bright sunlight streaming in that window, but after so much gloomy weather early this spring, I don't mind if the photo is off. I really like this cascade effect. There are 36 blocks in this quilt. Fourteen of them are blue, 12 are green and 10 are brown. Each block is done railroad style with a light square in the lower right corner as the block is assembled. Looking at the large brown block in the upper left or the blue one in lower left or upper right, you may think that is one large block around a light square. Each of those are four blocks turned so that the light corners meet. They are sewn together into blocks though, the individual blocks are sewn in rows that will create these larger squares.
I have the backing fabric but not the batting. The binding will be the lightest shade of blue.
This is from another kit that had been aging in my closet. It was described as a wall hanging, but it is going to be a runner for my table. I bought backing fabric yesterday. It is a green on green leaf print with red ladybugs.
I think ladybugs are cute. Real ladybugs, not the larger orange beetles that resemble them, swarm and stink when they die. Even real ladybugs should stay outside though. My house is supposed to be bug free!
On my knitting needles is a red sock with a diagonal lace pattern. It is going well but will be put aside as soon as a yarn order comes in for a vest that I'll make for my daughter-in-law and a baby dress for a girl expected this September to our godson and his wife. I can't wait to show photos of those projects, not only because I think they are all pretty, but because it will mean I've accomplished more from my to-do list!

While googling for TGIF images, I found this one and had to include it. It isn't meant as a boast about looks or abilities. It is about how Colton makes me feel. The love I have for my husband and my sons is full and strong but in a different category from what I have with my grandson. I dare say that Papa (my husband) feels the same about this.

Watching him discover things, seeing him grow, hearing him laugh and the joy he expresses when he sees us makes my 60 year old heart feel as it did at 19 when I met his Papa, and at 25 when I first held his daddy, and again at 27 when it was his uncle's turn to be in my arms. My life is good and full, therefore I really do feel fabulous!



Chatty Crone said...

TGIF too! I didn't remember you were a quilter - I am a wanna be one! That was pretty. sandie

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so glad you had the tooth taken care of and good for you getting the sedation, especially for the memory part!

I'm not a quilter (or a knitter), so quite honestly, I have no idea what you're doing but it does look beautiful!

I am so excited about the day I become a grandma. I know it will be an incredible feeling. I tried to explain to my daughter how it felt to hold her, my first baby ever, in my arms and how it was the truest form of love. She just didn't get it.

Have a great weekend!


Sewconsult said...

Love seeing your quilts, especially the first one. Like you, I have real issues with dental anything. I am so far behind on my blog reading and emailing that I have gotten in a habit of not doing so. Maybe if I could wrangle myself off the couch and sit at the embroidery machine, I would feel more a part of the world. I'll email soon and catch up with you.

Knitty said...

Beckie, I look forward to hearing from you!