Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't you hate upgrades?

I'm wearing my crusty old curmudgeon hat again today.
Ever since the last upgrade to Internet Explorer 10, I've had problems. According to how I have things set, user names and passwords at a few sites I visit daily, including here, should be saved. Some days they are, some days they aren't.

Today's wrinkle in my already wadded panties is that nothing will print to the wireless printer. The printer has power. The computer recognizes the printer but says it is offline. Admittedly I am sleep deprived today, but where the heck is a setting to make it online??

I don't know whether to blame Blogger or Internet Explorer, but some days it takes me three times as long as it once did to type, preview, edit and publish a post. Sometimes using Firefox (which used to be my preferred browser) helps. Some days I should just shut up and go not try to blog.

One of my sons was having trouble and began using Chrome. He has frequent random problems unrelated to mine but that doesn't make Chrome sound promising to me. He ran into a mutual friend of Ron, the man who fixes our computers and was told that Ron hates Windows 8. I wasn't planning on making a switch anyway, but you know one day it will be inevitable. It may not be Windows 8, but 8.765 or Windows 11 when "they" announce that Windows 7 will no longer be supported or available. That is what happened with Firefox 3.6, my trusty old browser.
It isn't always electronic things that are changed and drive me and the hubby crazy. A few years ago it was a particular style of black Reeboks that were discontinued and drove him (and therefore me!) to despair. Sure, Reeboks still make black shoes that are similar...but they don't fit and feel the same.
Hanes, possibly Fruit of the Loom and definitely Penney's Stafford line of men's underwear used to make a sleeveless tee shirt. Not an athletic shirt that resembles a tank top and sometimes jokingly called a wife beater, this was made like a traditional tee shirt without sleeves. They were white cotton, 2 or 3 to a pack, not workout gear made from other fabric and sold individually at much higher prices. Hubby loved them. Now they are gone from the stores. I google every so often in hopes of surprising him, but not enough people bought them I suppose. Our decade or so of purchases must not have counted. Should I write and complain? I must remember not to clamp down too hard on that knife in my mouth lest I drip blood on my clothes. You know nothing gets as clean as used to.....

I couldn't think of a fitting way to end this rant, so I am including an unrelated photo of my car, a Chevy HHR named Hermione. My blogging buddy Skippy recently mentioned how noticeable her car is where she lives. My model isn't rare, but my graphics are one of a kind. There is a line of white stitching on both sides of the vehicle that end with a large silver needle.
I considered depicting all of my hobbies in vinyl graphics but it might have looked like a clown car. I use this on Facebook, but I don't think it would translate to graphics on a car very well.
Now that I've ranted and rambled and still don't have a working printer, I will make a call for help.
Do you think Ron heard me?

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