Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't judge too quickly...

My posts have been sporadic lately and I haven't been good at getting around to blogs and replying. I've been reading from my iPhone but commenting from there isn't my favorite thing to do.

Don't think I'm being rude, I have dental dementia. That is a valid condition, right? Going nuts over dental problems? I hope no one is offended by the word dementia. I know that isn't anything to joke about, but you know me and alliteration. I could have used molar madness or canal (root canal) crazy.

It looks like not-so-good old tooth #3 will be leaving me soon. I'm not making the phone call to the oral surgeon today though. My grandson is here and I just plain don't want to think about this today. I'm actually not dreading it, having come to terms with this even before the dentist confirmed my suspicion.

Until I can locate some dental humor to share with everyone (much to your delight, I am sure!) here is a humorous reminder that we shouldn't judge anyone too quickly.


Blondie's Journal said...

The clips were really interesting, some funny, but all driving home a great point! Thanks!

Now...I'm sorry about the tooth. I hope it's not too painful. I have a very gentle dentist and when I had a wisdom tooth pulled I found out that I spent way too much time worrying about it beforehand. I wish you all the best.


Rudee said...

I hope the dental stuff gets squared around.