Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st already...Rabbit, Rabbit!

How the heck did it get to be November 1st already?

Rabbit, Rabbit....for good luck. If you aren't familiar with this superstition, I talk about it here.

How are you spending the first day of the month? I'll be packing away ghosts and pumpkins and bringing out turkeys and pilgrims. A few autumn decorations are holiday neutral and will stay in place until it is time to decorate for the C-word. I can't bring myself to say that holiday out loud yet, you know which one...the one that takes place in December. Photobucket

Since I'm not ready to talk about future holidays yet, let's review review Halloween. Were there many trick or treaters in your neighborhood?  Were they cute or scary?  Did you have a good time?
I did, mainly because I felt so safe. When your grandson is Superman, how can you not feel safe?
Look at that steely gaze and those abs! 

Do you hear a damsel in distress? 

Oh, it's just silly ole grandma!

Halloween is such an emotional holiday... 
Upper left:    Oh please, let there be some candy left!
Lower left:    All right! 8 PM, done and there is still candy in the bowl!
Right:    Bill saved all the Snickers for himself and gave out what I like!!! 

I guess there is one more turkey around here than I planned to display, and after all those Snickers, he is looking pretty stuffed. Photobucket


SkippyMom said...

Love the costumes - he is so, so cute [Grandma is pretty great shakes herself! :)]

We had a huge bowl of candy, a completely lit up house and. . .35 degree weather :(

Needless to say we STILL have a huge bowl of candy. We only had 4 trick or treaters, but one was cuter than the last.

Glad you had a good time. And yes! Bring on Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday.

Chatty Crone said...

So that's what happened to your left over candy!

Your grandson was so cute and his Superman costume.

And you even dressed up too - was he afraid of you at all?


Anonymous said...

LOL I love your witches hat! Your little grandson makes such a swell Superman! It looks like you all had a wonderful evening. Two of our grandsons had a parade at their school. My hubby and I went to that and it was truly fun.