Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another successful, happy holiday

Like the quiet after the storm, I like the reflective part of a holiday get together when I am alone with my thoughts and replay conversations that took place, look at photos that were taken and make mental notes of what to repeat or delete knowing full well if I don't write the thoughts down, I will forget them by the next event.

Chuck and Kim hosted 25 people to dinner today, almost an even blend of Kim's family and ours. If her uncle that lives in Michigan had been available along with two of our MI nieces, the count would have been 31. Yikes!

Folding 8' tables made their way to the basement along with stacking chairs that used to belong to my husband's company. I bought Christmas print fabric at Joann's on Monday and hemmed it to make three table cloths and two bread basket liners. A busy print doesn't just look festive, it hides stains if they don't come out in the wash.
My Christmas dishes, a Corelle pattern, mixed with Kim's grandmother's china and my and my mother's silverware to set the table.
My mother-in-law's electric roaster is still going strong even though it looks ancient. My sister-in-law and I guess that it is from the late 1940s or early 50s.
Using these items keeps the generation that has passed with us at current and future holidays.

And the one little one who shares DNA from both family trees was someone we are all thankful for. Here is Colton from this afternoon. You might think the lower half of the photo is out of focus. I'm here to tell you that his feet never stopped moving!
I hope everyone had as nice a holiday as I did, with full bellies and full hearts.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to bed with the intention of sleeping for 10 hours but I will settle for seven. Call me when the coffee is ready.


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday. We are all settled in back at home, and I am already cooking down the turkey carcass for turkey broth. Take Care!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a big group! I think those can be so much fun but yes exhausting! I had a quiet thanksgiving but will be seeing my family in the next week. I only have come of Corelle Christmas plates in the bread plate size but really love them. Hope you got your rest! hugs, Linda

Thisisme. said...

What a lovely time you had with so many people! Days like that are lovely, but can be quite tiring!! Little Colton looks very smart and I think he is having a great time! That's a really good tip about the fabric hiding stains. Must try that at Christmas! Amazing that the electric cooker is still going strong. They don't make them like that anymore! Hope you managed to get a good sleep and thanks for sharing your day with us.

Rudee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Colton is a little doll and it's amazing how big he's gotten just in the past several months! This should be a really fun holiday season for your family. Enjoy!

Debbie said...

It all looks really wonderful, and he is one precious little kid!

I'm so out of it that I had never seen an electric turkey roaster before.