Monday, September 19, 2011

The stock market fainted

If you know how I feel about media and overkill, you might have expected me to break into your regularly scheduled blog reading or writing and announce in grave tones that
The Stock Market Fainted!
but you can relax. The stock market has done, and may still do, many things, but it has never fainted and it has never worked a weekend. What? Did you just say that you have some relatives like that? Yeah, we all have some drama llamas in our family herd but that isn't what I'm talking about today.

So, what am I talking about? (I think I just heard Bill ask that very question...)
  • I went to a shoe store on Saturday and did not buy shoes.
  • I went to Walgreens and only bought the sinus/allergy medicine that I needed.
  • I went to an art fair yesterday and didn't buy a thing.
  • Later I went to the yarn store to meet with the knitting group and did not buy any yarn, not even yarn that was 50% off!
Oddly enough, the yarn store was the easiest temptation to resist. Not because there weren't lovely yarns because there were. As I said in my previous post though, I have three ongoing projects plus baskets of yarn sitting forlornly on a shelf.

Walgreens did tempt me with a magazine until I flipped through it a second time and noticed the ads far outnumbered anything I would read. I know that ads help pay for the magazine, but when a magazine rivals a paperback in price, it should have more than two articles that might interest me.

The shoe store wasn't one that carries styles that I like but they do have a good repair service which is what I was using. I will be spending $4 tomorrow when I pick up the "new" old shoes.

But the art fair not getting any money from me is a surprise, even to me. Some things just weren't appealing to me, but many were and I walked away anyway. I guess the downsizing bug has really taken hold of me.

Even though this was a fine art fair and not a craft fair (serious art rather than mixed skill levels with seasonal decorations prominent), there was a feeling of fall in the way some of the vendors decorated their booths. The air was crisp when my daughter-in-law, grandson and I started out in the morning, and the senior center was selling homemade apple pies near the exit gate.

I put a few autumnal decorations out at home but am waiting a few weeks before the Halloween theme makes an appearance. That feeling spread to this blog too, hence the new background and a few changes in the sidebar.

The stock market might feel woozy over my lack of spending this weekend, but the house is happy and I think my husband still has a big smile on his face. Or is he practicing a Jack O' Lantern grin?  Whatever. It's all good.


SkippyMom said...

Funny Knitty - no worries tho', the stock market should survive. The non shopper [me!] made up for for lack of with school supplies, new clothes for the girls, birthdays and family anniversaries. :)

Sidebar looks awesome. So happy Autumn is here.

Chatty Crone said...

And because of you the economy suffers - what's a gal to do? I have the same thing going on Kitty! teehee sandie

Debbie said...

I'm standing with you to take the blame too. I am tighter than usual these days, and if you only knew how TIGHT that was.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Knitty... dropping by to thank you for your very kind words on my last post. You were so sweet to offer words of comfort, and I appreciate it more than you know. I'm trying to blog a little, but there is still a lot going on here that requires attention.

I hear you about the magazines... I bought two today and questioned my sanity. There is a wonderful new or new to me British magazine (can't remember the name right now) that I like better than anything on the market. It's well worth reading. I think it might be called "The English Home," but I can't remember. I have bought two issues at Barnes & Noble, and I loved both of them. Nice houses featured plus travel articles. It's a good read.

Warm hugs...



Nancy said...

Just last week someone in DC blamed the little people for the economy, that we are not spending enough...phffft! We all seem to be holding our purses tight. We have to just like the banks not lending. If we're all holding out, who's gonna win?
You are not the only one. Love your blog. Glad you gave a visit to mine.