Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How do you feel about gray hair?

Is there a woman alive who hasn't loved her hair on a random Tuesday when it looked great and nothing special was scheduled for that day  but can't do a thing with it two days later when she needs to look just so? The most emotionally secure woman has probably had days where she had doubts about her hair. Haven't you wondered if your cut was out of style, if your color looked natural (assuming that you wanted it look that way), if it flattered your face, and the big one....does gray hair make you look old?

I think the women in the photos I've included today look great. If they look older than 40-something it is because they ARE older than 40 something! 

Before gray began moving in on my head, my hair was such a dark brown that my husband insisted it was black. Dyeing my hair that shade was way too harsh. How much of that is my perception of unnatural color (like purple hair which is fine if you're aim is fun and funky) and how much is the more subtle slide of coloring in complexion, eyebrows and even irises that no longer "work" with that dark color?
Emmylou Harris

I can do many things but I cannot color my own hair neatly. Even when it was short I'd rather bathe a long haired dog that sheds if that gives you any idea of how bad I was at self-color. For a few years I did have it dyed. It looked ok to good, but it never felt right to me. The color was too light to suit me.When my roots showed, 30% were light gray ones while the rest were much darker than the bottled color.
Jamie Lee Curtis

A new stylist suggested highlights to blend the naturally gray hairs when I told her I wanted to grow out the dyed hair without an obvious line of new growth. She turned me an awful shade of blond with brown streaks. She recognized my horror and promptly redid the color, this time with lowlights instead of highlights. I continued the lowlights until the last of the dye job grew out.
Sharon Gless

I am ok with my hair now. It is dark hair with a lot of gray in it. I shortened it a bit and had layers cut into it. Most days I wash it, let it air dry and enjoy soft waves and curls. There are certain styles I could never pull off because my hair isn't the right texture and I'm not interested in spending 30 minutes styling my hair daily. Been there, done that, don't plan on going back.
Roseanne Barr

I would never tell someone to stop coloring their hair or to change the style, so why do some people feel it is ok to ask others why they don't cover their gray? It hasn't happened to me, but I have witnessed this. Maybe my expression stopped them from asking me the same question.
Paula Deen

There is no right or wrong to the question of gray hair. It is all personal preference, just like Coke or Pepsi; coffee or tea;  and should the toilet paper hang with the paper over the top to the front of the hanging roll or along the backside of the roll. I am currently going to a new stylist much closer to home. I like the way he cuts my hair but if he asks me once more about coloring it, he may be history.
Here are two sites dedicated to gray hair: Love your grey hair and the blog Going gray

And by the way, gray hair or not is optional, but the other choices should definitely be Coke, coffee and over the top. Photobucket


Patty said...

Found you through Skippy. I' m27 and have been going gray for 10 years. I dyed it for a long time. But now, I'm embracing it. I think it's gorgeous. My mom tells me that gray adds shine. I think I look sophisticated... if not older than I am.

Blondie's Journal said...

I know I have gray under this blond, but I am content with keeping it the color it's been all my life. I figure my age is starting to show on my face and body, I can't change that {or won't}, so I will have a bit of fun with my hair!!


SkippyMom said...

Coke, tea and no one here cares how it goes on, as long as it gets on the holder. heehee

I color and cut my own hair. I color my hair, not because of the gray, but because it is such a lackluster brown. What is cool tho' is that when I color it the gray colors lighter and they appear as highlights - Most of my gray is in the front/bangs area - so I like it.

My beloved MIL has the most gorgeous gray hair. I LOVE it. If I could go gray like her I would in a heart beat. Unfortunately her 55 year old son, my husband, refuses to go gray. Sigh. Well, that's okay. He has fabulous auburn hair. So cute!

Rudee said...

I love my gray locks. I grew it out without high or lowlights and when it was long enough, I whacked it off in one fell swoop. It's beautiful and it fits me, though there are those out there who ask why I no longer dye my hair. I usually ignore them, or at least try.

Nancy said...

El'Natural and I forgot what my real color was! Shocked I have only a few silvers. I feel free not dying my hair.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I think some people look great in gray hair - a good cut - make-up - and some of that is colored somewhat and yet other gray hair looks so dowdy.

I let my hair go gray, but it does make me look older. It's a pretty gray I think, but . . .

What do you think of gray?