Sunday, September 18, 2011

Knitting updates

To knit or knot? Knit, of course!
Knitters often have more than one project going at a time. Sometimes one project requires more focused attention and is better left for solitary knitting at home while simpler projects are fun to work on in social settings. Sometimes one project has a deadline while another is one you just couldn't wait to start even though another project's deadline looms. I don't usually have more than two projects going at once, but currently I have three. Four if you count something I haven't touched in a few years and recently re-discovered. Photobucket

One set of needles is creating a shawl from lace weight yarn that has been aging in my closet for a few years. Another set goes back and forth to the yarn store to knitting sessions with a sock in the works. Last week I began a mystery project at the store. No clue yet what I am making, but I suspect it is a shawlette, meaning something smaller than a shawl but not a long rectangle like a scarf.

I do have two finished projects to share, projects that have been done for a few weeks now but had not been photographed yet. Remember my sorry hat story? I found a pattern that fit my noggin and made myself a red hat. No one is here to photograph it on me right now, so a teddy bear is standing in as a model. The bear is also modeling Colton's newest sweater. I hope it fits him. He is growing like a weed on Miracle Gro!

The sweater pattern is from an English knitting magazine. The yarn is Sublime by Sirdar, 75% merino, 20% silk and 5% cashmere. Mmmmmmm, it is nice. The hat pattern is Super Slouch by Wendy Johnson available through Ravelry. I don't recall the yarn I used at the moment but can find the label if it is important to anyone.

 The knitting group meets in a little while this afternoon and I hope to look alert while there. Allergies and sinus issues are nagging me this weekend and after taking something to combat this, I have what a commercial once appropriately called Medicine Head. Today is definitely time for a simpler project that requires less focus. Maybe I'll just fondle some yarn and leave the needles alone. This abstract portrait of a knitter looks remarkably like what I see in the mirror today!


SkippyMom said...

Your projects are lovely. I love the color and pattern on the sweater.

I have to say Knitty - I have a hard time reading your blog. Everything is constantly blinking and flicking on the sidebar, no matter how far I scroll down. I try, I do - but I miss half of what you write because I am trying to scroll down far enough to make the blinkys go away. Sorry.

Knitty said...

Thanks for telling me that. We can't always see or hear what others see and hear on our sites. There is a blog that I like to visit but have to scroll side to side just to read the text in the middle. I guess that person's monitor must be much wider than mine and she isn't aware that some of us still have old monitors. Same thing with music on blogs. I know keep my speaker muted unless I am watching an embedded video. Sometimes that competes with the blog's music.

I am about ready to play with backgrounds again and will take down most of the items with movement.