Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little cheer

I've had a rough week. I slipped into what my some call 'borrowing trouble'. We all have worries from time to time, but realistically we should examine them, determine if there is something we can do to create our desired outcome, pray and let go.
Everything is ok now, but I'm still fighting a sluggish blech feeling. I have decided it is the result of too many days of gray, rainy weather (how I wish I could send this to Texas where they need rain) and too much TV coverage of the anniversary of 9-11 and possible threats this weekend.

I mean no disrespect to those who feel differently, especially those who lost a loved one ten years ago. I suspect more than a few are like me though, and don't want to review the photos and news coverage again. No one old enough to have experienced the horror is likely to forget. Ever.

The news media, in my opinion, has been guilty for a long time of overdoing a story. We don't get a weather forecast of possible snow in January here in Michigan, we get WARNINGS! of SNOW!, perhaps 4-6 INCHES! Run Chicken Little! The sky is falling!!  Do I think the stations are serious, humble and respectful in their programming for the anniversary of 9-11? Honestly, I think they are more concerned with out-doing one another.

But enough about that because it is all negative and that is what I am shaking off. Good news abounds, but we often overlook the value of small bits of good news and take medium size good news for granted.

Long time wonderful friends are in town from South Carolina and we spent yesterday afternoon with them. Good news for us. They are in Michigan to attend a wedding. Good news for everyone who loves the bride and groom.

We will be going to a birthday party for a niece's two year old son this afternoon. Good news (albeit loud news) for us. Photobucket

I still enjoy learning new things and am learning more about HTML, CSS and photo manipulation. Probably only good news for me, but when I know enough to help someone else, it will be good for them too. Photobucket

And last, but certainly not least, my constant source of good news and amusement is our grandson. How lucky we are that live close enough to both sons, and that one of them married a wonderful woman and together they have produced a child of many names. Peanut. Bug. Bean. Prince of Sweetness. And oh yeah, his given name, Colton. Here he is wearing the shirt that Grandpa picked out for him. The man who hates to shop. Photobucket
Not the clearest of photos, but you see the happiness that this child exudes. He is 18 months old, is 36 inches tall and weighs 36 pounds! He is NOT a little bundle of happiness!

The sun has peaked through the gray clouds as I near the end of this post. Another reason to be happy and an affirmation that I am doing the right thing by changing my focus.

Peace and joy to everyone!


Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful post, Knitty. I am a little leery to watch the television tomorrow of even read some of the blogs that have pictures of the burning towers. Those images followed me to Las Vegas a few weeks later and I was having panic attacks in my 28th floor room. Not good.

SO, I'm with you, I am going to focus on the happiness in my life while saying prayers for the fallen.


Sewconsult said...

I, too, find the weather forecasting to be overly dramatic. When tornadoes or high winds are 30 miles away, one gal starts saying, "get in your safe place" but most folks can't hear the TV from their safe place! Of course, "the power may go out and then everyone needs a weather radio".
As Blondie mentioned, I seem to be avoiding the 9/11 reminders. Our younger daughter lives only 6 blocks from the Capitol, in DC, now. My niece lives in Manhattan, NY and had to fly back into LaGuardia yesterday. I just held my breath until my SIL said that she got there ok. My TV is off today or on the USA channel for NCIS! Beckie

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you have a nice happy weekend but I am a believer that we should never forget 911! sandie

Anonymous said...

Char, you are amazing and so was this post..I have been feeling very similar this week and agree with everything you put. It actually made me feel better to read it because someone was feeling the same as I was...that is sad, eh? Idk about 9-11...I think I just HATE being sad and that is why I can't stand to watch all of that stuff. I mean, let's be honest, none of us want to sit here and think we could've ended up in the chaos, our loved ones could've died or even that this could happen again. So, I won't EVER forget that it happened and neither will you, I am sure. But, is all the coverage really a tribute? What IS a tribute anymore. Are the constant reminders worth it? Because really, who could ever forget it. I wonder what the families that lost people think about the coverage....or even anyone affected.. Thanks for the post :)

SkippyMom said...

Your grandson is adorable! I can't believe he is 3 ft. tall at 18 months old. That is amazing. I love the shirt grandpa picked out. Too funny. I see how much joy he brings to you all. Very sweet.

Knitty said...

I agree that we should never forget, and I don’t think any adult will forget it. I don’t dislike the memorials, I just am weary of the media that doesn’t let go of a story when it seems they have nothing new to add. That statement would apply to the possibility of another attack rather than a memorial. They’ve picked up chatter. They believe there are 4 people involved but they don’t know who or where they are. To keep repeating this is not news in my opinion and only serves to worry and agitate people.

I often think the media at large is disappointed when there is a disaster, be it natural (weather) or man made after they’ve hyped things up. Meanwhile, what does this do to some of the viewers? It is the boy who cried wolf story in the 21st century. We hear and see it so much, we become desensitized to the possible severity of what is being discussed.

I shouldn't judge a memorial without seeing it, but based on every local channel having their say right up to network TV, I have a feeling that a driving force is going to be ratings over substance. The few that I know who were directly affected prefer private remembrances on this date. Perhaps they are the minority. It is undoubtedly something we all feel and vividly remember.

A peaceful day tomorrow will be a loving tribute.

Rudee said...

I'm with you on news avoidance. I've no problem honoring those we've lost, and the intangible things we've lost, like bits of freedom, privacy and the feeling of safety within our own borders. However, if I choose not to watch what the media spoon feeds me, so be it. I'll pay homage in my own way.

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I am so glad to hear that you are finding that silver lining in everything. We would love to have the rain here in Texas!! I agree with so much here....hope this puts a smile on your face!!