Thursday, September 30, 2010

A sweet favor

I have a love/hate relationship with shower and wedding favors.

I love searching for or creating favors for a small group and love it when they are something the guests will truly enjoy. The problem is that showers and wedding receptions are seldom small groups. Making or buying a dozen items for friends whose taste and personalities you know well is very different from doing this for 50 shower guests or 200 wedding guests.

While I truly believe the guests should treat the items as a gift and accept them graciously, there was point in my life where I had been a guest many times in a two year period and I thought that if I received one more silver tone photo frame that would hold a wallet sized photo or another votive candle, I might possibly scream. What I did instead was smile, say thank you, and collect the frames in a drawer until I could find someone who might enjoy one, two or six of them. "Who doesn't like candles?" is a common thought, but I have a husband who is more than a little antsy about unattended candles, even votives in appropriate holders. I do use gifted votives, but not as readily as most women, and let's not forget that there is a scent issue. You may love citrus scents while your best friend nearly gags over anything but vanilla.

When did it become expected that every guest at a shower receive something? And worse, when did that become the norm at wedding receptions? Remember when a Jordan almonds tied into a piece of netting or in a paper cup was the only thing at each place setting? As a guest, I feel bad when I don't want the favor. Someone spent a lot of money and time on favors, money that likely could have been used for the bride, the bridal couple or any other guest of honor. Years ago, Bill and I went to a wedding reception where everyone was expected to take home champagne flutes. We don't drink champagne but I nonetheless have 8 very pretty flutes at home that are used when the occasion calls for it. Having two plain ones from this wedding would mean nothing to me except a burden as to where to put them. I have more glasses than any sane woman needs but that is another story. While this was a nice gesture on the parents' part at that wedding, many must have felt as I did, or simply forgot to take them home as there were dozens of glasses left behind at the end of the reception.

So, with a family wedding coming up in just over a week, what will be on the tables at the reception? My friend's son and daughter-in-law had these favors 9 years ago at their wedding and here is our version:
If it isn't clear, those are two Hershey Kisses on a spoon and the tag reads A Spoonful of Kisses from the Mr and Mrs. The red matches the bridesmaids' dresses.

Prior to the wedding, the rehearsal dinner will have a Hershey bar at each place setting with this wrapper:
 I found the template online and tweaked the wording and colors. Some things could not be changed using this template, but I am going to play around with it and see what I can do for other occasions. This is my idea of fun. Photobucket


Sewconsult said...

I agree 100% on everything you said! I hosted a bridal shower a few years ago. The bride gave each of the hostesses (for every shower given) faux silver trinket boxes with the bride and grooms names and wedding dates. Now as much as I love the bride (daughter of a very good friend), I have no use for such, especially with her name and wedding date on it. I think that I finally just pitched it. What a shame and waste of money! I love the spoon idea and the candy bar wrapper. At my niece's wedding, they gave bags of custom made popcorn in the wedding colors. Their peers really enjoyed that and it was quite a memory we had of bagging up the popcorn only minutes before the wedding because of a glitch in the delivery of the popcorn.

The Urban Chic said...

Knit, we have used the spoon thing for years with the only exception is that we put a Hershey's kiss and a Hershey's hug and the tag said A spoonful of hugs and kisses. Everyone can use an extra little spoon and I have a collection that I keep for when the occasion arises. I have also seen a little tree seedling in a bag wrap in tulle that was very pretty. And the tag said to plant the tree in memory of our love for each other. I too have a little drawer filled with wedding favors. I keep them for ideas, because you can always change things around. My sister gave me a beautiful carosel horse in a globe with Matron Of Honor on it and it's lovely. Hope the wedding goes well and no glitches. Hugs, Pat