Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting closer to the big day!

It is now less than two weeks to the wedding. Showers have been held, more payments have been made, dresses have been picked up after alterations and tuxes have been ordered. All is going well but we haven't tackled the seating chart yet...yikes!

I think the worst of my cold is past and the healthy family members (extended family included) still seem healthy as the three of us with the crud continue to improve. With a few minutes to myself this morning, I probably could have made better use of my time than changing the blog background but that is what I did anyway. I'm already having mixed feelings. I like it, but I can't customize colors or change the font in the title. If I have time in a few days and feel twitchy, this could all change again. PhotobucketThere are a lot of missing photos in older posts due to housecleaning of my Photobucket account. I had reached the limit on free image hosting. Oops! Photobucket

My son the groom had wanted to enlarge an old photo of him and his brother, taken on a camping trip when they were roughly 6 and 4 years old. The original photo and negative is missing. Enlarging a small copy did not work so I attempted to recreate the feel of the photo in watercolors. The groom is happy and wants one for himself. I am going to see about having this copied rather than trying to paint it again. I just hope his brother, the best man, is happy with it too.
My sporadic posts and visits to your blogs should all improve in a few weeks. Best wishes for a happy end of September to everyone!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your painting is beautiful and so is your new blog design. This was a very creative week for you in spite of being under the weather!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your new layout! It is so neat. I know how excited you must be about the wedding. I love all of the things leading up to them. Sooo much excitement. I'm glad your feeling better.