Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reminder to bloggers who don't share contact info

I fully understand privacy issues but sometimes bloggers forget they have their privacy so secure, there isn't a way for another person to contact them.

Someone named Crafty Bea left a comment a few days ago on a post of mine from last year. Her blog doesn't appear to be active, and I don't know if she has her blog set to send her notifications of comments or not. She asked me a question and I would like to answer, but don't know if my comment on her blog, or on mine on a post from last year will reach her.

Crafty Bea, if you see this, please contact me by email link in my profile.

I've had people ask questions before and their blog profiles were set to private so I couldn't view their blog or reach them at all. I'm never sure if people come back to a specific post when they've asked a question or expect to be answered on their blog or at their email address.

I'm not chastising anyone, I just think we all need a reminder once in a while to look at our settings through a stranger's eyes. Would they be able to contact us? Or conversely, are we putting too much info out there? I'm often unsettled by friends who announce on Facebook that their entire family will be out of town for two weeks. Their friends might be trustworthy, but friends of those friends may not be and be able to locate their home address and find something of interest.

What do you think normal protocol is in blogland for asking and answering questions? Do you answer a question asked of you on your blog? If so, do you make a comment in the same post as the question was asked? Do you reply by email when possible or to the blog of the person asking the question? When you ask a question, where do you hope to find the answer?

I'm sure that if you have a large following and more than a few people ask the same question, a whole new post might be appropriate, but many of us aren't in that category.

And speaking of answers, can anyone tell me how to find more hours in the day?  No?

Finally, I am going to share some great recommendations. Think of them as two answers to unasked questions that may benefit people living in or near Macomb County, Michigan. Our carpeting is 13 years old.I don't really want to replace it yet, but thought by its appearance we didn't have much choice. We've been dragging our feet because picking new carpeting might be easy, having good installation is not. With Colton ready to crawl off his floor quilt any day now and an upcoming wedding  (meaning more company than usual), it was time to have the carpets cleaned since getting new wasn't going to happen before these events.
On Friday the carpets were cleaned by Duo-Care and wow, they look good. No, they look better than that, they look great! Our living room and the upstairs hallway both had bad wrinkles. The living room had been restretched  by a crew from the store where it was purchased, but it honestly didn't look much better afterward and the buckle returned and worsened. That was going to be our primary reason for replacing carpeting. I asked the man from Duo-Care if he had any recommendations for carpet repairs and new installation. He did and I called to set up an appointment.

Yesterday, two men from J. Rohr Carpets came out. In less than 30 minutes they had trimmed and restretched the problem areas and my rooms look almost new again! I was so impressed, I immediately told a neighbor whose buckling problems are even worse than ours.

I realize that most of you won't benefit from this info, but I know a few bloggers live within range who might be interested in hearing of experienced companies that do good work.


Blondie's Journal said...

The carpet info is interesting, Knitty because I didn't know you could have it re~stretched. I am pretty much wood floors now but it's great info.

I don't have the answers to your questions. I do know that I never answer questions in my own post as I can't imagine why anyone would come back a second time. I like to do that on their blog, in their post.

Hope you have a wonderful week! :-)


Chatty Crone said...

My carpet is so old - nothing will help.

I know what you mean - sometimes I want to write someone back and there is no way to do it.