Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aha! I might be on to something....

Have you ever noticed something for weeks, months, maybe even years in stores without buying it, only to discover you can't find it anywhere when you do want to obtain that item?

Once upon a time for my sister-in-law and me, it was egg plates. We each wanted one.
Then there was the search for a yellow bra, still not found. At least not in my size and comfort zone.
Did you know that a sheet of apple stickers cannot be found in any of the stores I visit?
And my most recent frustration has been in trying to find a popcorn bucket like the one I saw at a baby shower two weeks ago.
They were all over the place UNTIL I wanted one. I wanted to fill it with microwave popcorn packs, movie sized boxes of candy that have been on sale at Kroger, and a copy of Grumpy Old Men.

This was going to be for a 60th birthday party that we are invited to today. The movie isn't available either. Photobucket

Thinking about this today, it dawned on me that many of us can't locate what we want when we want it.

I am about to provide a service to a very select group.

Do you know someone with wrinkles who wants to fill them out?
Do you know someone who is uncomfortable bumping into things because they have no padding?
Do you know someone who is too thin and would love to gain some weight?
(Stop laughing! There are a few people like that. I read about them. Once. They're a misunderstood minority!)
Tell your friends in need that their search is over. I am unselfishly going to offer my fat to anyone who wants to smooth out a wrinkle, pad a bony hip or boost the number on their scale.

Ain't I swell? Photobucket

I guess I should throw in a word of caution about being careful what you look for. Those egg plates that my sister-in-law couldn't find years ago? I think between the two of us we now have seven of them.


Chatty Crone said...

You are just too generous - just don't need that stuff here - have pleaty myself!


Sewconsult said...

I have my grandmother's egg plate.

JoAnn ETC has the popcorn containers (individual size).

I have very few wrinkles, because of the fat that fills them. Very good reason to be fat.

At 90, my mother NEEDS padding! So different from me... who would love to give her a fat transplant.

Fun post!

LemonyRenee' said...

LOL, I totally relate to this! I can't believe you can't find any of those things (except the yellow bra!), but I will take your word for it, because if I look, they will vanish around here, too.

Now I must know: WHY a yellow bra? And, yes, I DO want to know!

SmilingSally said...

LOL I sure have some fat that I'll share with anyone waiting in line for some "wrinkle remover."

Threeundertwo said...

Now I'm thinking I might need a yellow bra. And thanks, but I'm good in the fat department.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. Gee, I was just going to send you mine! I am always looking for things that I once saw and now can't find. It drives me crazy! Although I must say that the older I get there is less stuff I really want or need. It's funny how priorities change :>)