Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Still scrappin' and snowin'

SS, DD.  That could be the common acronym for Same "stuff", Different Day or it could be Still Scrappin', Don't Disturb.

Nothing for show and tell here since everything I've been working on is family stuff and in the world of scrapbooking, not very creative. No offense to those who place one or two photos per page with wonderful graphic design, but that isn't me at this point. I love the look that many scrapbook stores and blogs share, but I have too many photos that I want to use per album so mine are more old school with a few flourishes and some captions below photos rather than much journaling.

I've put that aside to work on some sewing today. Before I get to that I thought I'd check in to Blogland and add this photo comment (snatched from Facebook) about life here in the mitten state:



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Debbie said...

I laughed at that graphic! Don't worry, I'm not laughing "at" you. I guess I can't be laughing "with" you since we don't have any of the white stuff around here. So... I guess I'm just laughing because it was funny.

I loved "still scrappin' don't disturb." Guess you could say the same about sewing. I should make a little sign with that on it for my sister's sewing room. It's cute.