Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cold, crazy and coupons

Rabbit! Rabbit! (said for good luck on the first of the month)

If the rabbits are white though, they won't be visible here in SE Michigan as we have snow. Again. Still. Whatever. Pardon the language but this bluebird sums up what many northerners are feeling.
I'm not quite that crabby. At least the temps are now positive numbers in double digits. Being cold does make me a little crazy and so do coupons. Impending frigid weather or deep snow does have me planning trips to the grocery and craft stores differently than when driving conditions aren't an issue. Grocery shopping can be frustrating enough anytime but trying to get a full cart to your car through slush, over frozen ruts and around piles of plowed snow making the lots smaller makes hibernating sound like a great idea. Eat a lot to tide you over and sleep for a few months!
Do you clip or scan coupons for grocery shopping? When the boys were little I had a box that went to the store with me that was full of organized coupons. Now that it is just the two of us at home, I seldom remember to take the few coupons with me that might get used. We don't get a newspaper now and magazines don't have many coupons in them now. I know there are online sources for coupons but we don't tend use most of the products they're offering.
Coupons for Joann's is another story. I went yesterday with a coupon good for 60% off one cut of regularly priced fabric. Everything I looked at was 40% so the coupon was no good to me. A woman my age was muttering out loud and looked up sheepishly when she realized I was behind her. She was complaining about the coupons too. We are old enough to remember when Joann's and Michael's would calculate the coupon discount off of the regular full price which was better than the store's mark down. The product specific coupons seem to just be a way to lure you in. As if I'm not there often enough as is.
I got the supplies that I needed and am ready to be stay inside the next few days if the weather forecast is correct. I'm still working on family photo albums/scrapbooks so there isn't much to share here. As I wrap this up, February might be the month to get a bunch of sewing projects done.
Wish me luck and send warmth!



Blondie's Journal said...

Love the bird's sentiments. Mine to a T!

Do you have an IPhone? I just recently got one so please don't think I am some pro who knows everything. One thing my daughter showed me was a free app called Retailmenot. Hit that at any check out line...if they don't locate you by satellite, type in the store you are at. It will give the discounts and the register can scan it. No cut coupons or print outs. It may not give you the savings you explained you wanted at Joann's, but it's good everywhere. Maybe it will make you feel, and it does me, that you are saving everywhere else.


Debbie said...

I have flunked couponing more times than I can count. In my head, I want to be a good couponer, but in reality I'm always so disorganized about it.

I'm sorry about the miserable and long winter months. That's exactly the way I feel about summer here. I may not use the bluebird's language, but I'm jussssst about that ticked by about August.

Winter here is usually just wet and unpleasant but not bad.