Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Think you're having a bad day? I bet is isn't as bad as Hubert's.

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Sewconsult said...

I know that I owe you an email. I haven't forgotten, I just can't seem to accomplish mush more than the minimum these days. Loved the cartoon. Reminds me of when I had my knee replacement. Hubby helped me into the chair beside the hospital bed and then he left for the evening. I could not reach the call button, the room phone or my cell phone. Fortunately, he left the door to the room open. After waiting as long as I could stand it, I started yelling for a nurse. My room was located fairly close to the nurses' station and after several cries for help, someone came. She also got a good laugh at my expense. It's funnier now than it was then. When my sister or I would leave our mother at the hospital (for the night), we always checked to make sure that she could get to any phone, remote or call button...just in case.